Roblox 2019 Events Update

They also stopped doing the Halloween hats. I think they’ll continue the events as long as it’s profitable and they have sponsors for them. I don’t mind it, but I do miss that unique quality about roblox and having these unique things where you never knew what you were going to get.

They stopped every event except egg hunt, and changed the summer stuff entirely for sponsors.


To add - these are not coordinated events by Roblox in any sense of the word.

EVERYTHING regarding your game being a part of this “live-ops” is up to you. You spin it how you want with 0 input from Roblox.

Roblox events always consist of one or numerous games featuring the same/similar assets/themes. This is NOT that at all. This is not an event. This is simply free game promotions on a 24 hour rotating basis.


Does mean the other events are cancelled? Like… specifically the Racing event in June?

Like. Bruh.


That appears to be the case. The original announcement has recently been edited to remove the event calendar, along with being locked to link to this thread here.

Roblox 2019 Events: Updates, Calendar & More



Biggest upset of 2019 honestly. Was pushing like crazy to get my game out and ready for the event. Well now I can slow down the production I guess and really make sure everything is perfect.


Right? I knew right off the bat those events wouldn’t work. It’s a shame they had to waste everyone’s time and decide in the second quarter of the year to drop them instead of doing it quickly.


Looking through the discussion, the common trend is “I have questions or I dislike…”

  • These Live-ops opportunities will replace our current monthly events.

I guess another question that might answer both that and various others is, how will they “appear” on the Roblox website?
Will they be similar to a sort on the front page?
Will they appear as a link on the sidebar?
Will they be on a external location?

This would probably help with some of the confusion or at least provide closure to the uneasy souls here since by deduction, we can figure out what this new fancy schmancy thing holds!


I think that’s giving people too much credit. People still are mad about tix being gone, even though there was a completely valid reason for it. Even when the Egg Hunts are just a lobby linking to preexisting games, players are treating it like the biggest event on Roblox for the year like they always do, which leads me to believe that, no, people wouldn’t get over it. I especially doubt that any reason Roblox would give for this would convince anyone seeing as they’ve been doing relatively less and less work on these events each year compared to the devs. Roblox is also a bit comically unaware if they think most people play these events for more than just the hats you get from them…


I kinda question if they felt the Pizza Party underperformed or something like that. Or maybe it was really problematic?

Unsure. But yea. This has killed events completely at this point. This isn’t even about events anymore.


My heart.

Wow that really stinks that they are removing the events. We will really have to see how the system plays out and if it makes a difference. As I previously stated, we honestly should change the Like - Dislike ratio and how it works for this. Otherwise I honestly think things will get out of control in regards to game quality and how players perceive things.

Will roblox force Developers to showcase the new features when they come out, will this be the only way to be a sponsored game…? Since it’s basically the new featured sort, will there ever be games there for longer than the one day?

How many games are going to be featured on this?

Are they going to even be on the front page, or how will they be visible and showcased…?

I honestly believe, it’ll just be the featured sort of around 15 games and rotate per day. Roblox will probably force and encourage new features for these games as a higher chance to be featured. Also, are big games allowed to enter and will they be accepted, say if Jailbreak wanted to enter, could they?


I’m sure this decision wasn’t based off one single event. This is probably years in the making.


“We encourage you to add in-game prizes as part of your Live-Ops event. Roblox is unable to provide catalog prizes for these community driven events.”

Does it mean removal of game awards? Wouldn’t that be ironic?
This blog post says:

  • In the catalog, we intend to provide more free items, so that avatar customization without ROBUX continues to be creative and rich. - Most of the items are from events. The item variety is really poor. If you want to remove event items, then introduce a high variety of free items that is not Rthro content. Don’t get me wrong, but Rthro accessories don’t give enough freedom.
  • Over time, our catalog will be largely stocked with community created items for all categories, including body parts, animations and gear. - UGC when? It would make community contests even better. Like imagine cute baseball hats with the game’s logo. A walking advertisement! A way to show love to the game!
  • We will also be holding regular contests for clothing makers going forward. They will be creating the clothing for our new users and we’ll also be featuring their clothing in the catalog for all users. - Oh yeah, I remember the clothing contest you guys… [checks blog post date] Wait… “But Dogu, they made Rthro contest!”, yeah after 3 years. Those aren’t free shirts / pants that were promised. “What about Egg Hunt design contest?”, that’s free eggs from an event. I doubt creators got a reward, other than exposure.

It hurts my eyes to see mass produced bacon and also ramen wearing exactly the same outfit.


There’s a pretty decent cost involved regarding project management, art and marketing from Roblox’s side. People from devrel/marketing/art team working on these things costs money after all, since it takes some time away from other things they could be doing.

Also: Roblox staff aren’t the game developers. We are the game developers. They shouldn’t be the ones developing the game, so them doing less development-wise is natural.

Seems like you refute your own point here. You’re right, most players wouldn’t care as long as they get some virtual items without having to spend a lot of time on an event. You could put eggs on a baseplate and kids would still enjoy it, so why have the baseplate at all? Could just be in existing games too without a lobby for starters.

All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t get too attached to seasonal events being a thing. They are around for as long as they can internally agree on them being worth their time.

EDIT: Views are my own and do not represent Roblox’s attitude towards events


I mean, if it was years in the making, why axe their other plans so suddenly instead of doing this in the first place?


That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m trying to say is that half of the fun of the events is collecting the items for yourself. Someone who has no interest in Jailbreak or any other game is more likely to play to get a free hat rather than an ingame perk. They’d earn a new hat out of it, and they might even realize they like the game they got it in. It seems counterproductive to the devs who want to be a part of these events and the players who play the events to take away the free hat award and just hope the games attract new players with gimmicks on a fancy reskinned featured list.


You’re skipping between arguments so I’m not sure how to continue discussing, sorry. You were responding to a post where I say that you shouldn’t bank on seasonal events being around as its own thing forever. I never implied anything about event catalog rewards, just the events themselves.


Speaking for myself and likely countless others, it would be a great disservice to remove the much-loved traditions. I miss some of the old events such as Giftsplosion because it was a great annual tradition. It gave me something to look foward each month and it made Roblox unique. It also gave NBC players a chance to get free items to customize their avatars in a more diverse way, making it exciting for them to play the events. It gives the NBC players a taste of hat ownership and encourages them to purchase robux to shop for more items in the catalog.


With the exceptions of horrible quantity > quality Items just for the fact of having more items.


I already see some controversies surrounding this. However, the live-ops idea isn’t actually bad, it’s the fact that events as a whole, which brought many players together in the community, is being replaced by it. The idea of live-ops should be additional to events, not replacing them.


Live-ops will replace monthly events however they are daily and based off developer participation. Feels kind of just like having a featured game but cycled through daily instead. Maybe I’m just not understanding the concept. :thinking:*