Roblox 2019 Events Update

Roblox are slowly removing everything that defined the platform in favour of a “”"""“corporate”""""" business, leaving the fun behind, the fun that brought myself and many others to the platform today.

Complaining about this will not get anywhere because this has definitely been planned beforehand for months. All we can do is accept that this is the new way of handling events.

To add, we reached over 70k concurrent players when the Egg Hunt 2018 was taking place, but now that the eggs are unobtainable for your inventory, we get less than 200 concurrent players daily.

I’m not against this idea, I’m actually rather supportive of it. However, I don’t like the fact how these Live-ops opportunities will replace our current monthly events. Monthly events were a way for players to receive many items for free, and honestly, each event had a specific theme or style to it. It was much more immersive, and I really supported the idea of these monthly events.

Due to the future removal of monthly events, will events such as the “Egg Hunt” be removed from the platform? Just a question, if anyone knows.


As the current wording stands, seasonal/annual events will (should) remain for the time being.


Wait, so when you said this was going to replace the original monthly events, which events where you referring to?


If your mentioning the monthly events that give you items in your inventory, then I don’t support this change, sorry!


As a developer, I prefer that developer relations acts as a communication bridge between us and other departments (such as engineering), not as some kind of project manager role for these (monthly) event games. The recent camera features added to Studio are a child of listening to developers and communicating with proper teams. This change just adds more bandwidth to the already stretched thin dev rel team.

A bit of an aside - but you can see the move away from catalog items in general in preference to game-specific avatars and items anyways, with RThro not supporting clothes, and new features that make creating custom rigs much easier for developers to import.


I know events aren’t the easiest to plan and manage. I, and I’m sure many others would rather see one WELL ORGANIZED event every 3 months rather than trying to pump out lower-quality events on the regular. Taking events out all together is… not cool… at all.

It’s a great way to provide content and draw the community together to accomplish a similar goal, removing them will cause more damage than good.

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This is… interesting. Happy to see it, but can’t fully support it until I see if it’s executed well.

Are there plans to afford free-to-play Roblox players with items as the monthly events have done for so long - and, out of pure curiosity, are sponsored events just… gone? There seems to be more than enough companies interested in working with Roblox to promote their brands.


I like the idea of allowing developers to have their own events and such… But like stated by @Intended_Pun … All of these stuff, such as featured games, and this here… it doesn’t help the amazing scripters and builders who cant be noticed…Half of the time the games within these are games everyone has already played, or made by an already known developer. What about the developers who aren’t known yet?

If i’m averaging 20-100 players daily, im not going to be preferred compared to that one guy who has 800+ players daily. I’d like to see more of these events consisting in helping boost new developers and not just developers everyone already know.


Does this mean no more egghunts? Is this only account for the events like the pizza party?


Monthly Events are gone. I’d assume the Egg Hunt will continue on forever.


100% agree. I was hype as hell for the Racing event in June to highlight just how much racing matters on Roblox & hopefully we could bring awareness to some of the issues that racing games face during that month as well as release some items pertaining to racing because they’re few & far between versus items related to War & Military or Sci-Fi.

But now, they’ve just completely killed it off, and that’s crazy!
I could see maybe if they wanted to change after this year, I could support that. But to make an announcement that you’ll do something, and then completely just do a double take and say screw it and abandon is nuts.


The truth is that this is a bad idea since everyone prefers the current event system.


Okay. I am so confused and this one will make the community either happy or upset.


They don’t even pay you to do an event anymore, and people don’t even get items from your game? That’s the only reason that people were playing the events.


I think this will be a great replacement for events like the pizza party events, and events that don’t have an original game. This will be 30 games with in game prizes instead of 3 games with catalog items.

Suggestion: I think roblox should choose 1 liveop every month to create 1 catalog item per the developers request. This prize shouldn’t be something like a dominus, roblox should have some say.

However, I still believe that Egghunts, Christmas Events, and other seasonal events should continue for as long as Roblox can manage them.


I love the idea, but there is one big gripe I have about this.
With the removal of monthly events, there is absolutely no way for players, without paying for Robux/BC, to get items besides the small collection of free items you put up once and then never added to again. This is bad for the user experience and is already a big problem with how basically every new user looks the same to the point where it became the “bacon hair” meme. Honestly, Roblox should either give out more free items like they did in the past, or allow developers to reward items with badges like was suggested earlier in the thread.


As much as I hate to be so blunt, I don’t see anything better about this compared to the old monthly events. The monthly events certainly haven’t been very fun recently, but they just need better criteria so that the missions are more enjoyable. Examples of well-done events include the last few innovation events, which included well-made missions that didn’t require grinding, but also didn’t seem irrelevant to the game. (I specifically think of Miner’s Haven and Theme Park Tycoon 2)

The name and info provided don’t make things very clear. Summaries are great, but we also need more information, and community polls would be appreciated as well.
Will there be new ways to award avatar items in games?


I would tell you how the UGC is coming, but it isn’t, and neither are new items. They want to make the free experience worse to make them switch to the paid experience.


People only really played them for the hats. Personally, I stopped playing them a while ago after I just felt like it wasn’t worth it to do this much not fun work for a hat. Without the hats, nobody will play those anymore. They’re probably just going to sit there on the side, and nobody is going to click them. That’s certainly how it is for me. Nobody’s going to play a game that isn’t fun just for an item in the game, even though they won’t ever play it again.

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