Roblox 64-bit player will not run on Windows 7

Recently, I attempted joining a game on a test account only to be met with this error:
“Your Windows 7 system is too outdated. Please install KB4534310.”

I proceeded to check the playerChannel to confirm that this was the new version and it said “zwinplayer64” as expected.

This is a breaking change for every Windows 7 user, including myself. This will prevent us from using Roblox entirely, being restricted to only Studio. I searched up about this specific error and saw other players talking about the same problem, but they were clueless as to why.

I’m aware that Windows 7 is an old Operating System that should be upgraded to the latest version. But those of us that still use it daily aren’t just doing it for fun. The newest versions of Windows are nigh unusable to some.

So, I’m asking for what may be impossible or even ignored. Please make use of older Windows APIs or at least something that’s compatible with this version. The game has worked flawlessly for so many years until today. Thank you.

EDIT: I am on the latest version of Windows 7. The specific update mentioned above has many issues with being installed and can cause system problems even if successful.

System Information:

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700 CPU
Memory: 65536MB RAM

Expected Behavior:

The player should run as it always has.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!


Hi - that particular patch (and others it depends on) is a security update that fixes significant vulnerabilities in Windows 7 that malicious attackers can use. You will need to bring your Windows 7 installation up to date or upgrade to a newer version. Keep in mind that Windows 7 (and even 8.1) are no longer supported by Microsoft, and so we strongly recommend that you go further and upgrade to Windows 10 or 11.


I’m aware that it is a security update, but I am incapable of installing it as well as many other Windows 7 users. If you search up the exact string I wrote you’ll find instances of other roblox players dealing with the same issue as well as with other games. This specific patch was not required at any point prior to this new client being released. So why is it suddenly required now with users being incapable of installing it?

Furthermore, I understand that you recommend for me to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11, but at a basic level they destroy my workflow.

Thank you for the response, but this still does not solve the issue.


Ah, it’s always good to see a fellow Windows 7 user.
While I didn’t get the 64-bit client yet, I also don’t have that system update installed. I used update packs to save some time during installation, and they automatically block some updates - and I guess KB4534310 was one of them. Surely the dev did it for a reason. Whatever the reason is, requiring that update is going to negatively impact me and a lot of today’s Windows 7 users.


How do you check the player channel? Im curious as my Roblox has stopped working today, but I am on Windows 10.

Maybe my issue is also related to having the new client, but I cant be sure because I dont really know if I have it yet or not…

If it says LIVE you don’t have Byfron, zwinplayer64 is Byfron

You can also open task manager and check if your Roblox Is 32 or 64bit
32 Bit - No Byfron (LIVE)
64 Bit - Byfron (zwinplayer64)

I don’t belive there is any other channels besides those 2 but I could be wrong


I am also experiencing the same issue and am unable to install the ‘KB4534310’ update for some reason. I wonder if it’s a bug or if Roblox has decided to completely stop supporting Windows 7 and 8 entirely.


Thanks! – Well low and behold I installed my waiting updates and it works now!

EDIT: Holy crap this is a lot more laggier… Great…

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I think there’s a relevant xkcd for this:


In all seriousness though, for those reading this post in the future with the same issue, please just update to a supported version of Windows. No disruption in your workflow or feature set is worth leaving your internet connected computer totally vulnerable to ransomware and other forms of malware which can easily steal your credit card details or account credentials.

As of 2023-01-10T00:00:00Z, Windows 7 is no longer receiving even the most critical of security updates. I’m sure Roblox will do a stellar job as per usual in the supporting legacy devices section, but that doesn’t mean staying on Windows 7 is not just advertising yourself for targeting by commodity malware.


If Roblox Player won’t work for Windows 7 anymore, then maybe you should try a OS Emulator? Like a virtual machine, or maybe a mobile emulator for more efficiency. I do agree with other posters here though, you should just upgrade your windows. 7 came out over a decade ago.


In Windows 8.1 you too can’t play. In events log I got problem with RobloxPlayerBeta.dll

EDIT: Error (Event) Id is 1000

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Adding onto this to say that I’ve been helping so many people revert their playerChannel due to this bug. That patch is not installable for the users dealing with this issue, and I suspect that even those fortunate enough to have it may still receive the same error message.



In Windows 8.0, when starting Roblox Player it not longer starts asking you to upgrade to Windows 8.1.


As of writing this, the new client is on the LIVE channel. This means Roblox is no longer playable on Windows 7 until this is fixed.

EDIT: Someone has pointed out to me that there is another channel named “ZIntegration” which still works. This is still a hacky method though.


The error says you need to…install that update to continue working…

I wonder how long that will last?


Huh… the 64-bit client is still running on my Windows 7 system. I am certain that I do not have KB4534310 installed:
And I do not have that streched wallpaper glitch that was introduced with that update. The client works without any workarounds at all. Maybe that update pack which is UpdatePack7R2-20.12.10 to anyone in need installed the necessary patches in some hidden manner? I don’t really know.

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Just upgrade it to Windows 10 everything will be fine!

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I literally just said that the new client works on 7 without any glitches or workarounds.