Roblox account deletion should result in a DevForum ban

As a Roblox developer, if a developer gets their Roblox account deleted this action is not replicated to the DevForums. This could result in seriously inappropriate material to the forums.

This is specific to account deletions, other moderations like 3 days, warnings, etc are not part of this request.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would proactively reduce risk associated with banned users (such as misuse of the forums for account appeals and posting inappropriate content)


Has any “inappropriate material” appear because of this “issue”?


Yes - it has happened in the past that a terminated user has been banned here after “cowboy last stand” style events. But it’s besides the point - if a user has been terminated from the main site, they have lost the privilege of speaking here, and that should be reflected. Not sure what the quotations are for, considering I’m sure we all agree that this is not intended behaviour?


The devforum might not have the same terms of service as the roblox site does.

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It does.


I agree, accounts that are terminated should be terminated from the DevForum.

How would this work, while being both under the same domain, they’re different webpages of Roblox:

What about false terminations.
Many terminations have many issues, rather that be they should be terminated for a week instead of permanently, false terminations, etc.
Because appeals can be unreliable, you have 1 option after that (if you were falsely banned), get it known on media (like the Kreekcraft fan who was banned for redeeming a toy code).


Pretty sure Roblox can just configure the SSO method

A termination is still a termination, and most of the time when people complain about “falsely” being terminated they leave out any context that would show that the reason was valid.

Please do not spread misinformation – it’s extremely harmful and it’s comments like these that cause people to blindly neglect roblox support and trash on it. Roblox support works fine.



They do get banned of the forum however it’s after someone notices that their account is banned and report it. I feel like there should be some automated flags and checks in place that regularly scan people’s accounts and ban the terminated users.


But what if they want to apeal their moderation?

That is where comes in


Maybe not straight up ban, but a mute from being able to message on threads etc? That’s what came to my head first up when I read this.


At that point the forum would be unusable. As far as I know a silenced user can still DM people, but can’t create new topics or reply to existing ones. So there would still be a way of misusing the devforum.


I mean if they made a mistake in a roblox game somewhere and send an apeal?

They wait for the appeal to go through?

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They should also have a right to voice their disaproval.


Isn’t the SSO method of authtication only used when you log-in? Roblox already prevents logins from banned accounts. I think Roblox would have to actually integrate some sort of automatic checks, which is probably why this feature wasn’t already added.


You’re not allowed to talk about your moderation in here. Look at the DevForum’s rules…

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Also some might be a big developer

Why does that matter? Rules apply to everyone, no matter if you’re just a player or earn millions off development on the site.


People make mistakes somtimes or very commonly.