Roblox account deletion should result in a DevForum ban

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That’s very unfortunate.

Imagine if you are a game developer with a front page game that needs to be maintained and your account get’s falsely banned?

You’d just wait for Roblox Support to may or may not help you with your case?

Would you be fine with losing years of tears, sweat, hard work and sleepless nights over something dumb like that?

Your reputation and game ruined because of someone else’s mistake?

Don’t we deserve to be treated better?

I have experienced this before, luckily I had someone to help… it was infuriating because I couldn’t release an update on time

I’m fine with the idea as long as Roblox has a better moderation and appeal system that’s all, but honestly @railworks2 if you are that worried about getting involved with a malicious user just check their profile we don’t necessarily need this


Like it was already mentioned a few times - yes.

No, but if you’re oblivious to Roblox’s track record of over moderation… yikes.

That one is easy to appeal, however there’s a history of some support team people basically telling you that you’re responsible for what’s in your group/game and to keep a closer eye on it in the future.

Yes we do but what does that have to do with the topic at hand?

Lots have happened to let’s respond as an in-general, I want to avoid going around in circles.

Has banned users abused DevForum privilege as a last moment to deal with their case? I.e trying to appeal here or just abusing the forums.

Yes. This has occured previously. As a proactive approach, this would had dealt with the user automatically

What about those falsely banned? It was a mistake?

They can appeal, The same applies here, we just use the DevForum DMs. It’s a non-issue, if they’re not at fault, they can be automatically unbanned.

While that process occurs, they can remain suspended. Why should they remain on the forums? What’s the point in their presence?

These processes exist for a reason, you should send your feedback to the correct locations.

I should not be required to check their profile to see if I’m speaking with a banned user, I’m simply looking to move from a completely reactive human approach and automating it.

Currently I have to identify a banned user, DM DET, and then get ban them. That leaves way too much risk associated with it.

Also for your information, just because I make a feature request doesn’t mean that I’m that super worried. It was purely an example of the consequence associated with this reactive approach.

Proactive is a better way to handle things than do be reactive where possible.


What about trading? Many of the large developers are also involved in trading. In trading there’s often poisoned limiteds that go around in circulation, and someone might accidentally trade for one without knowing. Their account can get banned for this and it wouldn’t be fair to ban them on the devforum as it wouldn’t be fair. Now the idea for most bans is good, but false and unintentional bans this can be a problem.

See my previous reply. Simply appeal.

If they’ve gotten to the level of account deletion, it’s pretty serious.


But if their acc is deleted, they have to read on the new acc to be member

If they weren’t at fault - they can appeal the ban and have their accounts restored after talking to staff via other social media.

What if they dont appeal? Like they havent been unbanned

They stay banned. Simple as that. We can go into the nichest of what-ifs but it still won’t change the fact that you got perm banned and that you shouldn’t be on the devforum with a perm banned account.

So you still stay banned. What’s so hard to understand?

When a Roblox user is terminated on the website I see absolutely no reason as to why they would need their account here; it makes no sense, as their Roblox account is unusable


Roblox cant ban you with the TOS your following

I dont understand[quote=“railworks2, post:1, topic:1000057, full:true”]
As a Roblox developer, if a developer gets their Roblox account deleted this action is not replicated to the DevForums. This could result in seriously inappropriate material to the forums.

This is specific to account deletions, other moderations like 3 days, warnings, etc are not part of this request.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would proactively reduce risk associated with banned users (such as misuse of the forums for account appeals and posting inappropriate content)

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true. but how about false ban reasons?

i got banned from roblox couple times for rly dumb reasons.

and yeah yeah yeah.

i think roblox moderation is kinda weird tho. roblox first needs to fix their moderation system.

and then this idea can be good.


Why should Roblox “improve” moderation? Rather, why should someone still be allowed on the devforum if they are terminated on Roblox? Terminations can be undone, so it’s not really the end of the world if your account is unusable for a few days/weeks. It’s not right to continue being on the devforum if you got terminated on Roblox. And this would apply to terminations, not temporary 1-14 day bans. Your account is still here, not terminated, so this shouldn’t affect you.


Okay, but the point is

This topic isn’t a place to rant about Roblox moderation – it is a feature request to apply terminations (see: terminations) on here. The topic has been derailed enough already.

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is this an incredibly large concern

if it is, just see if they are banned and dont do deals with them and hey, maybe they’ll appeal and get unbanned

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Might be unfair, roblox might ban you for a dodgy reason that even they themselves disagree with upon review and dev forum would be one of the quickest ways to bring attention to it

We’re planning a change that automatically updates login status on the forum depending on what happens on

This would include logging people out if their moderation status changes.

I see some people suggest that the DevForum can be used for appealing account bans. This is not correct, for appealing a ban you should follow the steps on our support form at The teams who can repeal a moderation action on your account do not monitor the DevForum for these requests.


True, I don’t see why people say its bad. I mean, other sites respond in 2 months. Roblox responds in 3 weeks

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Yes, this should have been added as a feature a long time ago.

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