Roblox Animation Editor is not working

Roblox Animation Editor not showing the Keys and this things:



Nothing appears while editing a animation, but all the Motors6D are corrects and also, i was editing these animations like 2 days before (was working how should), but today i wake up and saw this, i just dont wanna redo all my animations because of this bug… Some one knows what to do??


It’s sadly a glitch with the Roblox Animation Editor itself, only for R6 models for some reason. If you can, try use a different animator plugin for now while (hopefully) Roblox fixes this soon.


and is there any free?
Like without being the moon animator?


well anyway, i will use blender to animate now.

im not sure sorry :sob: , i got moon animator when it was free now it costs 2k robux

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yea this sucks, i’ve stumbled upon it just now and its so annoying

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I am having this same problem, so annoying.

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Found out an actual fix for this, check out my solution/two cents here.


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