Roblox API 401 Authorization has been denied

I’m trying to print my users e-mail using the Roblox Accountsettings API from Roblox Studio using a ProxyService. When I try to run this code, it keeps giving me the error ‘401 Authorization has been denied for this request.’

This is my script:

local cookie = '5355D7BE - etc.'

print(Proxy:Get(''), false, {
	['Cookie'] = '.ROBLOSECURITY='..cookie

It should be working fine, since that is the correct cookie for the account, but whatever I try, it doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone know I could fix this?


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obviously your not allowed to do that and that just means access is denied.

It’s not allowed to get users emails. That Stealing data of players private info.

Ye it won’t work cause you cannot do that. That is stealing personal information and against the TOS.

what you can do to get it is just ask lol

Its my own email, im using this to CHECK if it would let my own cookie pass through

Maybe read the post first haha

well i am sure you can read let me remind you if perhaps u cant understand basic knowledge: that is impossible if you wanna do it just manually do it

Still it is weird u want a email printing script. Why u need it tho. Second of all is it against the ROBLOX ToS.

Its literally a roblox API, i dont get whats wrong about printing your own email as a test

bro are you stupid? dont you understand what he said? he said getting a email of a roblox player even if its you from studio IS AGAINST THE TOS

Since when is it impossible? There are tons of bots out which do the same thing, the email printing is just a test to check if my own cookie is valid

Because it is personal data. Please read what’s possible with the service. A email is personal data. Even like printing a coockie or password. It is the same thing. I only ask WHY U NEED A SCRIPT FOR THAT.

they dont do it from studio they do it from an external source

Then tell me why the hell there’s a roblox api for it which is accessable for anyone :joy:

welp why dont you tell me?

The email is an example like I said, my main target is to change people’s group rank within a game

Its a test ^^ im using the cookie to change players group ranks within my own group

Yea sure, but like Roblox dont have a function for a email printing thing. They even say to don’t tell that. U need to get the data via Player.userId etc

hmm interesting i guess watch this Roblox Scripting Tutorial: How to Script a Group Ranking Bot - YouTube