Roblox avatar animations not loading

Hi all, not sure if this is a Roblox bug or a bug with my game, though it is very weird and only appears to be occurring in this specific place. In my game, the default avatar animations that players have equipped seem to not be loading.

Every player instead behaves as if they have no animations equipped on their avatar at all. I have disabled my entire server scripts AND client scripts but the animations for players still don’t load, even in Studio. This does not occur in any other place.

As you can see on my avatar, I have the Cartoony Animation Pack equipped. However, when I load into Studio, my animations are reset to default. Is there a setting that could’ve been accidentally toggled which causes this behavior?

The Animation section in the Game Settings is set to Player Choice.

Thanks in advance.

Seems this was a Roblox bug after all - my setting for animations was already set to Player Choice, as seen in the post above. After toggling it to Standard, saving the settings, then toggling it back to Player Choice, the player animations are loading again as usual.

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