Roblox Avatar not updating when put on 2D


So this bug is where you go to your avatar or profile and go on 2D mode. Your avatar doesn’t update when you go on 2D mode. When I update my avatar, from 2D view it should be updated to what I wore, but instead it doesn’t.

Where Does it Happen?

It happens on anyone’s profile and avatar when you press 2D view mode.

When Does it Happen?

As of now, it is happenning every time I go into my avatar with 2D view on. I tested this with another account and got the same result.

Videos and Pics

How it looks in 3D view (updated avatar)


How it looks in 2D view (not updating avatar)


Reproduction Steps

  1. Go into your avatar

  2. Update your avatar by putting something else on

  3. Now go into 2D view, you will see that it has not updated into your current avatar.

As of now, this is happenning 100% of the time.

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