Roblox Benchmark Testing Game

I recently finished a project I was working on called Benchmark. I was hoping you guys could give me some feedback and tell me what you think of the game. By the way I know the cars are kind of broken at the end.

By the way if you wanted to know my score is 63.3 which is a very good score (I recently got a new computer)

Here’s the Youtube trailer:

  • It’s Great
  • It’s Ok
  • It’s Not that good

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Also guys it would be amazing if you could give a donation of your choice as I spent around two weeks making this.

Thanks anyway for reading this and testing my game! :+1:


You’re on PC. Press F11 to full screen Roblox (and any other app) so you can hide the taskbar.

The rivers flow nicely.

I don’t think there should be noobs at the end, but instead village people.


Ok, I like the way of the looks of the trailer right there. But I have a couple of things from me.

First of all, as I was watching the video I’ve noticed that during the third cutscenes of that video, video mark: 0:30, it looks like the writing for the third video is kinda late. As I was watching, I noticed that during the moment when the video is about to end, like a couple of seconds ago, the subtitile for it shows up.

Also, I do recommend you to change the music background, cuz the feel of the music felt like as if you’re doing a vlog about you shopping, try using a more “natural, forest, green” type of background music

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Yea would fit in better with the rest of the scene.

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I wasn’t too stressed about making an amazing trailer, but I will take your advice onboard and see what I can do.


How are score values calculated?

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I get the fps every 5 seconds. Then add them all up and divide them by the amount of inputs. So I basically get the average of your fps. By the way my score is 63.3

My score is also 63.3333333…
By the way, I always have 60 FPS, why did score become 63?

I would suggest you to move the camera more smoothly, so it doesn’t look like its following a points on the map.


I believe the reason is because most monitors can only do up to 60 FPS and in the final calculation it takes the actual FPS not just the one that displays on the game.

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Not the monitor, Roblox limits FPS. but hackers can use a hack to unlock FPS.

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Everyone get’s 63.3, you should fix that. Monitors have nothing to do with actual FPS. Roblox limits to 60 fps, so yeah.

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Dang, That looks amazing! I’ll play it some time today definitely.

Anyone can unlock the FPS, without breaking TOS, even on RDC they said you can.

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I use it myself and its allowed by Roblox.

No not everyone, on my laptop I get 20.4 but I will definitely look into it and see what I can do.

I really like it! Only thing is you can see your taskbar at the bottom lol

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Yea I know I will try and fix that.

Thanks to @Aeventy for the great idea I updated the NPC’s and made much more of them.

Ahhhh. That looks much better.

I decided to make a new trailer took on peoples advice. Although I kept the music. The main reason I changed was because I made more realistic characters.