Roblox Beta Program Group

Greetings, everybody, I’m Paul, I have created a group for the Roblox Beta Program.

The old group created by @Swiffted was terminated for an unknown reason, and I have created a new one for Beta Testers to join.

What is the Beta Program?
Once you receive access to the Beta Program, you will have the ability to use features that have not gone live to the public yet such as:

  • 700 player server access.
  • Changes to the Roblox website seen by beta list users only.

You’ll have to opt in the #forum-feedback Beta Tester thread to be part of the Beta Program.
Here is where you must enroll.

This is also the link for the group!/about

Beta Testers and Roblox Employees will only be the once going to get accepted in the group.


After a current situation, the Roblox Beta Program group has been taken by some users, and I no longer gained ownership and control of the group, because I mistakenly gave the group to another Community Member, who I dearly loved and trust but, in the end after a major conflict decided to ban me from my own group and server.

Please join the new one.!/about