Roblox COMPLETELY shuts down uploading of all assets for 24+ hours for no good reason?


Despite being in a fairly large group with roughly 40,000 members in it, my single graphics artist was able to max out my ENTIRE GROUP’S asset upload rate through just a few bulk imports of important game assets. For 24 hours!

This makes no sense - It is not simply a rate limit, it has destroyed my entire group’s ability to upload textures within a day.
I run a game studio. it isn’t a big game studio, but that just makes it worse - Why can a single developer’s load completely destroy an entire group?

This not only makes it impossible to work, but makes it impossible for other developers working on other games within the same group!

Another one of my many “Maybe a bug, maybe just very bad design?” reports that I’m hoping will get a direct response.
It applies to all games in a group., and every time it happens it’s a different number - We’re currently worried that it’s rising, and eventually will put multiple day long locks on our uploads if this continues.

Expected behavior

I expect that, for a developer’s team that cannot sustain itself if it’s development just gets rainchecked for a full 24 hours on roblox, that I am not rate limited for a full 24 hours. You can prevent me from uploading for a few seconds, or minutes, but 24 hours is clearly absurd.

This applies to all games in a group, so a larger development group literally cannot produce any content if a single newer game is taking up all of the rate.

Roblox wants us to believe it’s a real usable engine. Roblox wants us to believe professionals can earn a living here.

A studio cannot earn a living if, no matter how large they get, Roblox cancels entire days of work for them.

It is unacceptable.
(Which is why I hope it is genuinely a bug, or clumsy oversight, rather than intentional developer limitation)


Notice: I am not entirely sure what category this bug report should go in, so it’s in Studio since that’s where I upload all of my assets.


Either this was an unannounced change or someone made a mistake when editing cooldowns, cause while I do know there is a cooldown for decals it is usually a way bigger number of uploads (to the point where it’s nearly impossible to hit it manually) and way shorter cooldown (enough to stop/slow down spam but not a whole 24h worth)

Additionally, that’s horrible design if the cooldown applies to the whole group instead of just the user who’s uploading the content - Assuming the severely strict restrictions were intentional, that’s insanely abusable by people with malicious intent (ie disgruntled devs who wanna ruin a group as much as possible, simply max out a groups upload limit)


Exactly why I’m filing it as a bug report, I was aware there were cooldowns of smaller increments but this is definitely unusual behavior


Could be related:


Not sure if it is, but potentially. Maybe roblox’s servers are just having a rough time with images lately. But I haven’t heard any dev relations post about anything like that if so.


After breaking the heart of this loyal long-term roblox developer by destroying our ability to create assets for a whole 24 hours, we’ve unfortunately been attacked by an automated system again.

My developer, almost weekly, sometimes even daily, gets messages like this by automated system. Our development is completely stalled right now due to our otherwise perfect reputation group having been targeted in some way by the automated moderation system.

Does anyone know any specific dev relations members to ping here? The nature of these problems is detrimental to an entire 40k member group expecting releases of games and contents - Paying roblox users that are losing faith in our progress due to the increasingly destructive nature of these incorrect punishments my group and it’s members are receiving.


I’ve seen people use throwaway alt accounts to test uploading images. Obviously not a real solution to the problem but perhaps worth a try if you’re going to import a lot of images.

Once you get the green light on assets for the alt account they should be able to be uploaded for your group without issues.

I think the Roblox support form is the correct way of disputing moderation actions. Can’t say how well that works though.


I’ve seen people use throwaway alt accounts to test uploading images. Obviously not a real solution to the problem but perhaps worth a try if you’re going to import a lot of images.

Yeah I wish all of those people would come together to post in this bug report right now because this has definitely been going on for a while and is only getting worse. I am tired of roblox saying it’s a capable development platform with huge issues like this… It is literally impossible to do anything

I think the Roblox support form is the correct way of disputing moderation actions. Can’t say how well that works though.

This does not work for this sort of thing, because it’s only a warning. Roblox can warn you multiple times a day and completely disrupt your workflow and the support system can’t really do anything about that - probably not the 24 hour delay either which doesn’t make sense in any context


This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thank you for the report!


Lovely! While I’ve got your attention, do you know if this has been a reported issue yet?


It happens very often as well. We manage to run into asset upload bugs extremely commonly.

There is no reason for whatever validation is happening to fail, these are all handmade assets.

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This limit has been in place for several years now to ensure our moderators can keep up. It may have become more noticeable since we’ve change Studio to upload images to group accounts instead of user accounts when developing in group experiences.

With that said, we’ve increased the limit to accommodate.

Please report any other bugs in a separate post so we can track the status of it separately! Thank you.

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We will be paying very close attention to this increased limit and see how it goes.

Though, my further Feedback & recommendations:

  • 24 hours is too much.
    Either ban the person for abusing uploads, via a human decision, or put a lower cooldown. There should not be this middle-ground where real developers get punished heavily, and large timeouts are just a bandaid solution. Think smarter, not work harder!

  • Larger developer groups should have different limits.
    It’s clear why you’d provide harsh limits for normal users, but groups especially are going to hit those limits extremely fast (as noted) no matter what, and you’ll likely need more than a static amount change to address this

  • If moderation is truly struggling, limit normal user image upload even further
    I see why you wouldn’t want to do this, but realistically, I’ve seen literal full pornographic images get past decal moderation before, so I’m honestly not impressed in either direction with moderation in this regard. But as a game developer with a group and reputation, I am a low-risk uploader to begin with. I’d imagine 90% of images are still uploaded by individuals or small groups anyways.

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Actually… A MUCH more important question than anything else -
By “we’ve increased the limit to accommodate”, do you mean you did that you JUST increased the limit in regards to this thread, or that you increased the limit ‘several years ago’ to accommodate and nothing has changed? This is slightly unclear in your response, though I’m assuming it means you just made this change

To clarify, we just made the change.

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