Decal uploading approvals are frozen

Any decals that are uploaded recently seem to never be approved (which I assume to be an automatic process). Since May 30th or earlier, any decals uploaded are stuck in the approval phase, meaning they haven’t been denied, but haven’t been approved for users to see either. This is being experienced by me as well as another developer who wishes to upload decals for me to use.

Expected behavior

Uploading a decal should see it be denied or approved after some time.

Page URL:
^ (basically the decal upload page for any group or inventory)



Could be related:

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New uploads are no longer stuck, but the same uploads that were stuck are still stuck. Therefore, this still needs to be fixed. Would appreciate a response from Roblox.

Looks like one of the two decals I originally uploaded has finally been approved. Still waiting on the other one. Will Roblox actually give a response-no matter what it is-to this instead of staying quiet, seemingly ignoring it, until the chance that it is eventually fixed like this bug (but not like some others)?

Hi @Real_BenTheMiner, can you post the list of affected asset IDs?


It’s safe to assume that this bug didn’t just affect specific decals as several people experienced this issue, but here:

Decal ID: 17675076131
Image ID: 17675076105
(Later approved)

Decal ID: 17675074888
Image ID: 17675074870
(Never approved)

ID: 17708730804
(Later approved)

ID: 17702297437
(Later approved)

We’ve fixed the bug that explains why 17675074870 was never approved. You’ll have re-upload the decal again to use it.


Got it. I hope people who uploaded a bunch of decals don’t have to reupload all of those as well…

We can help retrigger moderation for image assets stuck in this state if you provide the affected asset IDs.

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I personally don’t have any on me besides the ones I already provided. Is there a way to keep this thread open or have those affected send them after it’s been closed?