Roblox Creator Experience Survey

[Update] January 30, 2024

Hello creators!

The team at Roblox is working hard to understand more about our creator community. For this reason, we invite you to participate in our Roblox Creator Experience Survey. We’d like to understand your experience in 2023 as a Roblox creator. Your feedback will help us understand, talk about, and improve the experiences of our creators and people who use our services.

The survey will take you 10 minutes or less to complete and it’ll go a long way to help us understand the creator community better - and hopefully serve you better! This survey is open to anyone who resides in the United States and is 13 years of age or older.

And, to celebrate the new year and to thank you for your time, any creator that completes the survey before February 1, 2024 will be entered into a random drawing to receive a $100 Amazon gift card! We will randomly select 10 creators and will notify you by email if you are selected.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Happy new year!


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Why is the survey only available to United States residents? I feel like you could get more accurate feedback if it was open to anyone above the age of 13


Why is this limited to United States only out of interest? I don’t quite understand the benefits of this decision apart from distributing a $100 gift card more easily.

I don’t really care about getting a gift card from entering this tbh, but I’d still like to enter and give my feedback, because I don’t honestly think that Roblox pays attention to it enough.


Glad to see the team gathering more feedback in efforts to make the platform a better place. Hope to see more surveys!


Ehh, contradictory. To be expected from such the company.


It’s clear Roblox needs to understand more about its creator community considering they restricted the survey to only US residents - do the rest of the developers around the world not matter as much to them? If the sole reason is because of the gift card prize, a better solution would have been to just exclude non-US residents from this particular giveaway - not the entire survey.

I think all Roblox creators will agree with me when I say that we consider these surveys great opportunities to directly express feedback, suggestions and concerns, and I find it quite disappointing that only US-based developers can give their feedback this time around. This is also considering the fact that a substantial portion of the most successful experiences on Roblox are created by developers who live outside the USA.

I usually take the time to fill out these surveys with detailed responses and some feedback I have given has been taken on board (or implemented) on multiple occasions. These surveys do work, and usually Roblox is good at listening to the feedback in them, so I’m disappointed that I am excluded from this particular one just because of where I live.

Hopefully this is a one-off and future Roblox surveys will take into account feedback from the wider developer community, particularly the large number of people relying on the Roblox platform for full-time income (and therefore contributing a lot to the platform), not just those living in the USA.


this is stupid, i dont mind about the $100 gift card but i want to say something… come on…


Why not GoGift Global gift cards like other events?

I’d love to provide some feedback but I can’t because I’m not a resident of the United States. :pensive:


Why is it only available to residents of the US, shouldn’t it be for everyone, I’m Canadian and would like to do it, i don’t necessarily care about the gift card as nice as it would be, but being able to give my feedback would be nice.

Edit: I just did it by going yes then not putting my name info in as its not required, its nothing much, just asking how much robux/ money you made from roblox. It was pointless to me, as i didn’t make anything and it was all in USD too. Was hoping it would been more related to other stuff


Asking me how much ROBUX I made TOTAL in 2023? How am I supposed to find THAT out? I already struggled to recall how much money I got from the Developer Exchange.


You can go to to see how much robux you’ve made for a select period of time


I’m acquainted with the owner of a >100k CCU game… who currently resides in Asia. What exactly made Roblox decide top-earning talented developers like him don’t matter enough to be allowed to take their surveys? Why is this USA-only?

As others have said, excluding non-USA developers is a severe misjudgement on Roblox’s part. I myself was able to take the survey because I live in the USA, but over 70% of the people I work with don’t, and their feedback is just as valuable as mine or anyone else’s.


The survey ended when I answered no when it asked me about being america. True xenophobia right there.


The choice to make this US only is an interesting decision. I’m sure the whole of Europe could give you better and more granular feedback than just one country.

European developers exist. It’s not a small demographic either. If the giftcard is the reason then just dont enter non-US residents into the giveaway


I didn’t even make 2 million ROBUX; I only made 1.9. That’s actually not very good. (TO MY STANDARDS. I might be angering many people by having said that. I just hoped I would earn more from the games I made in late 2023, but I was wrong.)


Although I reside in the US, I don’t really think that it should only be limited to us. There are a bunch of devs outside of the US and they deserve to be included.

The only real roadblock is the reward but if they can’t make that happen they should at least just provide the survey


Although I can only dream of that (:sob:), I can kinda envision your game or experience being really popular and not make as much as games that have a similar amount of visits or cc players


Stop with this US resident crap, people aren’t here because they care about getting things or whatever the problem may be, they’re here because they care about the platform. There’s never been a US restriction on surveys until recently. Drop whoever you’re working with on this for analytics, this is pathetic for a global company.


This is probably as they know they won’t break laws in the country they were made in.

Probably for the Gift Card… though.