Roblox cursor changer in batch but fixed!

Download it Now! (20.9 KB)

Hello, me again, so i saw this Topic made by a suspended user, I really liked it. But it was broken due to roblox changing their folder names with versions, nooo

but me, fixed it. Using a cool api

yes it uses batch, ok very little powershell i have to admit, its still all batch (excluding powershell just to fetch current version from api), This wouldn’t be made possible without:

A little powershell
@TheH0meLands for telling me the api.

How to use? Follow my steps.
First, You wanna make the cursor first right? Open the cursors folder.
You should see some built-in custom cursors, Edit it as you like, just remember, The icons of the cursor must be in the exact same position and exact name, and also exact same file extension(sorry, only .png)

now when you’re done making the folder and the cursor icons, Run the .bat program.

This should appear, now as the program said, enter the name of the folder you just created (Not a path, the name of the folder)
and now watch it do the job.
It also did it in lightspeed, for me.

So what are you waiting for? Download it Now! (20.9 KB) No admin passes required.

Feedback is appreciated.