Roblox decal icons for some transparent images are changing to static-like image

With some transparent images uploaded to roblox the icon gets changed to some static-like image. It works fine in game, you see the image you uploaded, but the icon is confusing. Here you can see the image I uploaded:


but if you click the link, you can see the icon has gone really weird:

And, a second glitch I have too, roblox fills transparency with another stretched version of the image?

Here is the uploaded image:

but here is what i see in my decals tab in the create page:


You may know that temporarily the platform glitch/bugs/etc topic is disabled for Members, so i thought I would post this here.


Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the elimination of transparency is intentional. The purpose would be for moderation to get a better look at the image when approving or denying it.

If they did that, wouldn’t they just temporarily change the image to the roblox picture for undergoing moderation?

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