Roblox Development (Closed)

About Us

Hi there! We are Fizi Productions, a upcoming game development group. We’re looking for a range of members who are willing to join our team and work with us to complete various different projects and games!

The Clothing Team
@mastericyfire - Clothing Designer/s - The clothing designer has to upload good quality sellable clothing on the group store (the clothing can be original or copied, regardless you will get paid the same fixed rate per month)

@username - Merch Designer/s - The merchandise designer will have to make unique clothing which correlates to our group (Fizi Productions). You will be paid per clothing made.

@username - Lead Clothing Design Manager - The lead clothing manager will manage the designers and pass on any decision i make on to them. Your job will be to edit the name/desc and price of the clothing accordingly on top of delegating tasks to the lower ranked designers (if there aren’t enough designers then you will be expected to find some for the group). You will be paid a fixed rate per month.

The Game Development Team
@Tahmid_saad @lostlid @Juuuses - GFX Artists (No more GFX jobs available)

@Mafios0InCity @Anix_Y - Builders - (no more builders required but possibly 1 more builder job can be squeezed in)

@supermanaymany @Sudden_Demise - Scripters - (no more scripters required but possibly 1 more scripter job can be squeezed in)

@username - Lead Development Manager - The lead developement manager has a important role of guiding the game developement team and delegating tasks on to them from the orders of the lead developer. You will be expected to have basic knowlege in all aspects of game development. You will be paid either per month or per game

The Lead Developer

You can see our group here:

About The Job

We are looking for a professional individuals to join our team. We expect high quality performance. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.

Once the neccesary amount of team mates build up in our workforce then we will proceed to build games and you will begin to get paid accordingly


Our preferred payment method is robux. Salary/Payment will be discussed individually
The Groups Budget is quite large so expect to be paid fairly, i will not overpay at the current stage our group is in. (i currently have 150,000 robux but i can arrange upto 250,000 more by selling of my limiteds)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum
Please contact us using the structure below

  1. The job you are applying for
  2. Previous work
  3. Years of experiance
  4. Available work time
  5. How much you are looking to get paid
  6. Anything else

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


What is the build style?
Low poly?

Any building style is fine but it does depend on the game we begin to make once we have a full team.

hi bro i would like to apply for a ui role if there is one my name on discord is supermanaymany and tag #0402

do you need this type of gfx ?

Could this be paid in USD, or only Robux?

@supermanaymany hi, currently i have not downloaded discord so i will be continuing to talk on the devforum and on roblox.

  1. Could you show me any past work please?
  2. How many years of experiance do you have making uis?

What do you do?
By the sounds of this, you just want to hire people to do all the work for you, without doing anything yourself.
You also won’t find a scripter that will make UI’s and Animations

@xXCrazyHenryXx currently i can only pay in robux however once we grow and i am able to devex then i will offer usd payments.

Alright thank you for the quick response!

@Btkelley17 hi, my roblox game developing skills are just basic so i have decided to hire people who are better then me at it. I will help develop the games but the parts i struggle with, i will ask the team members to step in.

And its fine if i cant find any scripter who can make both UI’s or animations because i will just hire them separately then

@Juuuses Alright thanks for that, i will review your work and get back to you soon.

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Do you have project ideas in mind or will it be a team discussion before creating the final outcome?

@lostlid i do not have any idea for the type of game to create but i will definatly have a team discssuion with the developers before starting the game. Thanks.

ok i will here are some images

here are some of the ui i made and i can make many diffrent custom ui if you give me a theme

Do you have any other social platform I can contact you on?

@Juuuses i like the style of your work, it is somewhat unique. I would appreciate it if you joined my group and when required i will contact you for some GFX projects. Thanks.

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Wow those are quite nice, well done.
Contact me privately on the devforum to discuss this further.

on thank you a lot i will if you want you can also add me on roblox to chant my name is supermanaymany

Hi tahmid, your work is nice and the prices are quite fair. Join the group above and i will put you as a GFX artist then when required i will contact you for some GFX work which needs to be done. Thanks.

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