Roblox Development Studio Now Hiring!

Hello, could you please list your payment? Also, can you give us a little more information about what each job will be doing?

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What is your payment for the project? Many people are likely hesitant to apply if they don’t know what you’re offering for each position.

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What is the payment amount for the task?

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Interested in “Icon Designer/Renderer”
My portfolio: Eradite || Graphics/Render Artist || Portfolio
My Discord: eradite/angelo#1717

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I’m interested in becoming your icon designer or renderer!
Here’s my portfolio!
Message me on the DevForum if interested.

How much do these positions pay upfront?

Hello i’m interested and i have been work for many developers. And i’ve been work for Aviator’s upcoming game

Could you please you the template? Also developers want to know how much the pay is. You can’t say real pay or they think your going to be paying a few thousands dollars a month.

I haven’t got a portfolio yet and I want this opportunity to be my first experience in working for a studio. Is it possible that I’ll show you my work through Discord?
My Discord tag: Alexus 5467#8706

I am interested in the building position.


If you got some of your work you should make a portofolio why wait? :slight_smile:

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You’re right! I’ll create a portfolio when I’ll have time today. Thank you for saying this because I wouldn’t have realized this. :smile:

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Hey, im interested in this! This is my user skofall#3229 This is my portofolio:
[OPEN] skofall - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Hello here is my discord: DG890#8748 im interested on the building

Hey matey! I’m a builder with examples. PS they were made in 10 mins for examples.

Discord: jackk#6346

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Hello megan, I’m a lowpoly Modeler and builder. I am interested in your job. You can few my work here. My 2019 August Portfolio | Building, 3D Modeling

Hiya Megan! :crazy_face:

I’m really interested in the building position you have if you’d like to view my Portfolio here it is: LOLShadowMoonLOL ~ Builder Portfolio

If you’d like to contact me on DISCORD, my DISCORD tag is. :popcorn:Angelina :popcorn:#1288

Have a fang-tastic day!

Hey Megan,
Sent an application for Game Designer through a DevForums DM just in case you missed it.

I’m willing to show my portofolio for the builder position.
My discord is a12#1699

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