Roblox DevForum should specify in the rules that people are not allowed to buy or sell assets

Greetings, I’m Paul, and I currently have an issue concerning the rules of the DevForum.

Should the action of selling of assets or models, is it tolerated in the DevForum?
People kept saying models and assets could be sold, but I’m not sure if this is confirmed. There’s no clear statement in the rules, that you can sell models though there is a clear statement that it clearly said, “Games could not be sold because it’s against terms of service.” Though it did not specify, concerning of buying models.

In my opinion, I find this to be against the rules, because if we see here, once a user buy a model or asset he may claim he did it himself even though he bought it from somebody.
I find this against the rules because of the rights of the official model maker to be given to the buyer as the creator. Maybe they should also add this specifically in the DevForum rules that this is prohibited.

How about you, do you think selling models or assets should be prohibited?


It used to be allowed but since the recent removal of the Asset Marketplace, it’s not.

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You should avoid selling assets on the forum as there is no category that supports asset sales as the asset marketplace got removed. I doubt the asset marketplace will be brought back as people were using the category to sell assets that took <15 minutes to make and there were far to many spam replies arguing over pricing.

I think the reason why this isn’t listed in the rules is because this is a rule people can figure out themselves as no category exists to sell assets leading people to assume asset sales aren’t supported on the forum.


I mean… if you can’t put together the facts that you can’t find the marketplace category as well as cant find any selling posts and instead need pointing out the obvious… it’s just common sense at this point :thinking:

Also read this thread: PSA: Don't Post Asset Sales In Portfolios


Well, actually I appreciate your point there, but if we look at here, some people sell assets through different categories, and if we’re just going to base this rule on one category, people will believe they could still sell assets just not in this specific category.

Also if we see here, some people here in the DevForum are really confused concerning this rule.
Why? Because most people still attempt to sell their assets and once you tell them they couldn’t sell assets, they would reply to your post, ‘You can sell assets or models, just not games’ this makes confusing for other people if they read this, if they are allowed to sell or prohibited to sell assets or models.

It is covered under the umbrella of being off-topic. You can flag asset selling posts since they are not on-topic anywhere on the forum.

It’s not possible to write down all off-topic activities in the forum rules, the list would be too long.


I browse the forum every day and I haven’t seen any selling posts in a while.

While true, this seems valid enough to make explicit as it pertains directly with the platform and not some generic behavior rule.

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