Roblox Discord Open Source Bot | V2 | Advanced!

Hey there i am back with V2 of my open source bot! and its a advanced version!!

To download it get it from here
Virus scan on VirusTotal

How to install?

  1. create any folder.
  2. put index.js and config.json files in your folder.
  3. Click on tab and type cmd (example: pic1 and pic2)
  4. type npm i discord.js in cmd…
  5. Nice! discord.js is now installed! now, you need to put npm i noblox.js and thats it!
  6. Last step! type node index.js in your cmd…

Then you are done!



This command will accept any member from group request


This command will promote user by 1 rank


This command will demote user by 1 rank


This command will kicks (Exile) user from the group


This command will shows the command list


This command will post the wall on your group


This command will shout on your group.


Go to `config.json` then you will see token, cookie, prefix and embed_color, change them when ever you like!

If you have any problem contact me!


Some people may not trust your download so please add a virustotal scan to your post or upload your source to github.

You didn’t fix my issue that I mentioned in V1 and still lack commands. Please make it so your script runs command functions from a set of JS files inside a folder to improve performance. If you don’t mind would you be able to add a ;getauditlogs command as well? e.g. ;getauditlogs 5 would return a string with the last 5 actions done on a group. Thanks.


I dont see how this is advanced for a discord bot. These things can be easily done using the api with little to no effort. General list of apis: *note that these are not all of the apis

Additionally, you never listed out your source and your download link is a file.How do we know its safe? Yes its a rar file but you dont know whats inside the rar file.

/v1/groups/{groupId}/join-requests/users/{userId} accept any member from group request!/Wall/get_v2_groups_groupId_wall_posts post the wall group

got these in 10 seconds. You know where the rest are

either way, good luck on making more advanced. Here are some things you should make that are advanced:

-Detect group payment on a shirt
-Auto wall post delete filter


I would recommend putting your code for others on github or a glitch project so others can read your code and trust that they can use it as downloading code is often risky.

While I see that you’re trying to help people out, a lot of other people make bots exactly like this and it’s very easy to come across many tutorials/code that can do this. If you want to make this a unique or innovative bot, I would recommend trying to find systems/features that not many other people have done, or something completely new. Since this isn’t very advanced or unique, many others would prefer going to more popular, more trusted open source bots rather than your own. That is not the goal.

I would recommend creating a group member counter system, clothing release system, moderation commands, etc.

Additionally, I think it would be far more helpful if you were to organize your code and add comments. Organizing your code could be very helpful and efficient for those that may use this code, and yourself. Utilizing comments within your code could help those using your code better understand your functions, and the reason for each line.

I would also recommend using your own custom-made roblox module instead of noblox.js. While it’s not a problem, I just personally think you should utilize your own code and features when creating your own bot. This just makes it more customized and trustworthy.

Make sure to also describe the purpose of your bot, and each command. You should be describing the bot, command usage, and command outcome. This should help others trust you & your bot more, as well as helping others understand your bot.

I wish you the best of luck with your bot!


You didn’t explain what the bot does. It clearly seems like you are just advertising a discord bot in my opinion. I clicked the link and it downloaded immediate making others possibly not want to download. You should add discord bots to the website or so.

Not being rude , but there are bots which can do all this for you (Bloxcord) , and are 100% better.

Sure , my group has it’s own Ranking bot in our server , I still use Bloxcord for it’s other features.

@xXAlexDeveloperXx I’m sure you have the best of intentions and really want to help out , but these bots already exist.

Also like alot of others are saying:
It would be really helpful if you put this on github , because most discord bots don’t come packed in a .rar + not everyone has WinRar


I agree. There’s far more bots that do this exact thing, and way more.

Each of these bots are far more advanced, customizable, and extremely helpful. These are also far more popular which gives others the perfect reason to easily trust and use these bots: Vibez, Ranking Service, Bloxcord, etc.

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These ones can be helpful but you have to manage hosting , setup etc.


You can choose a bot with a nice fat Verified tick on it’s name.

I personally have only used Bloxcord out of those , but the points stands.

Done, also i will try to make command called !getauditlogs thanks for the suggestion!

I am not forcing you to get it, its upto you also everyone can get it, stop showing impression please… with this bot others can learn, also everyone wants there own bot and everyone have different thinking…

also make sure to read this before complaining

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Its not a discord bot, download the file and read ‘readme’ this bot is made with noblox.js

I read through the V1 Comments.
Like I said you got the right intentions , but if people wanna learn code or see something like this , there’s youtube and qbot etc.

i said everyone have different thinking…

Replies on what I’ve seen on this post

Doesn’t this throw a capcha?

I don’t trust .rar files at all as most sketchy exploits use .rar files

My personal reply

Multiple bots that have this type of nature already exist in the world. They are also much more trusted and safe. For example, look at qbot. The bot is open sourced, and you can look at the source in GitHub, so that you’ll know that it’s trusted. This bot is also barely customizable compared to qbot. There’s also multiple close sourced bots (Like Viper) that is trusted by multiple. Sorry to say this, but I don’t think I’ll use this anytime soon

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its upto you did i force you to get it? also no… exploits uses rar and other files too… See the entire topic first… Don’t act like you are smart… Theres a Virus total link.

Read this post

First off, please CORRECTLY read the post. OP posted a virustotal scan for the file on request. Second off, this bot is open sourced. Qbot is better I will agree, but if you don’t like the lack of functions on this bot you can simply suggest an addition of a command.

Just saying, we’re all giving you tips and tricks to help you be successful. You’re starting be a bit rude and you’re giving attitude to those that are trying to help you. We have all given you clear and respectful tips so you can understand why people may not like this product. Take these tips and messages and use them to help your bot grow and become successful, otherwise, this will never go anywhere.

I know it’s open sourced, though I would rather see the source on a place like GitHub rather than a rar file. Virustotal can also bring false positives

Don’t even try to do that “don’t think your smart card” as that’s just being ridiculous. I don’t trust rar files for that reason, and then you question how smart I am? What a joke

We aren’t complaining though, learn the difference between criticism and complaining before calling someone out for complaining