Roblox Js | Discord Bot! Open Source

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There’s not much commands and not much explaining of what this is. Why should we use this over qBot?


Hm… looks like you don’t know noblox.js,
As you can see Part 2 will have more commands… And You must know noblox.js to understand

Why should I use this over qbot ?

Its up to you, i am not forcing you to use this.

Yeah, but why, in your opinion, is this better than qbot?

you should try, and its just a simple bot with this you can learn js or noblox.js


You must not of understood my question.

I also asked Why use this over qBot by @yogurtsyum

I also asked another question is explaining about the bot. (Commands, How To Use/Setup Etc…)

Edit: I also know much about NoBlox.js. I use it for my Ranking Services.

What do you mean?
“Learn Noblox.js”
When he already knows noblox.js

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const request = require('request')

Why is request if we can use noblox.getIdFromUsername?

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I made that in glitch. And its upto you i just put my source here…

how do i set this up? do i set it up in glitch?

use it any where you want!
First do npm init

Then do npm i discord.js
then npm i noblox.js

qbot is way better than this, sorry about that
EDIT: Just looked at the source. You’re being way to extra when you’re using https requests when you can just use a noblox function

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@xXAlexDeveloperXx It doesn’t matter if you’re in VSC or Glitch, it can work the same

You also need Discord.js as in the title it says that it’s a discord to roblox ranking bot. For an open sourced bot, you can’t really customize it unless you change values in the source. I won’t be surprised if you just googled a roblox-discord ranking bot, modified it a little bit, and then claim it as your own. This also looks like a little kid wrote this, not a certified web developer, maybe fix your stuff and I’ll test this. Also, most functions (if not all) in noblox use promises, and I don’t see you using await/.then when you handle a user, so I don’t think this’ll work at all. You also don’t use camel case, which should be second nature to a web developer, or any good programmer for that matter. You also assume that the everything is setup properly for that matter, but what if the bot isn’t ranked, what if the bot isn’t in the group, what if the player isn’t in the group, etc. Most programmers like to think of errors that’ll occur in a program. In this case, it’ll be some of the cases I mentioned above. You don’t even use try and catch in your code to redirect errors. When it errors, it’ll still say to the end user and it was successful, which if an error occurred, that would be false. I would recommend that you revisit noblox.js docs and revisit .then and await. I seriously would recommend qbot than this.

Just for others to know what he was replying to when he said that. I can remove it if you want

Oh, ok.
But don’t remove it.
Because that getIdFromUsername function saves some time.

Yes. I really agree on that. It’s also much easier for others to learn that rather than learning how the roblox api works, how to make https requests, etc

Don’t be rude towards someone who’s publishing something open source, let your own experience be the decider of which source code or bot you use.

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This a nice creation, however you use 1 script to handle everything, run everything, and place everything. This slows down processing time and further down the line (when you add more commands) it will start to have an effect on performance. I recommend using singular scripts for each command that way your server.js script only needs to run one of those scripts contents to work.