Roblox game crashing every 5 minutes!

My Roblox Game is crashing about every 5 minutes or so, but depends on the amount of players that are in the game. Usually before the game crashes I get these errors: (Error Image Link)

Also, it says it’s an internet problem when I crash but everyone crashes at the same time.
It happens quicker when there are more people playing… what is the issue? Is it a scripting problem or a memory/other problem?
I posted this before and someone said it could be from a free model I downloaded but I’m not quite sure.
Please help!

I believe that is a Roblox problem, because the errors are from CorePackages. I may be wrong, however.

I have no idea because it does it every 5 minutes, and I don’t think it’s happening with other games.
It always has the Core message error whenever it crashes though, so it’s not just random, there’s obviously a problem.

What “free model” did you add? You need to be more specific on what you may have added.

Did you check the scripts you have? The free model could’ve been infected with some type of script, check the scripts in the free model and make sure you understand what the script does.

I’ve encountered something similar with a free model, that constantly caused my game to freeze and after deleting it, the freezing stopped.

The problem is I have multiple free models. Is there any way I could search for a keyword or something to cause the game to crash instead of looking through every model and every script?

This board is for getting help with your scripts, not for getting help with Roblox errors. You need to take this to #platform-feedback:engine-bugs if this is happening in all games you join.

However if it’s only one game, report it to the developer of that game. If it’s your game, search ‘Script’ and ‘LocalScript’ in the explorer and look for suspicious scripts that could be the cause of it.


You could test the game in studio, and have the output open, if there is an error click on the error message in the output and it should take you to the script that’s causing problems. If you can’t find it there, then looking searching “Script” in the explorer and try to see if you find something unusual.


I found the issue!
It was an unusual script/virus that had no name in my workspace. When I clicked on it, it was just a bunch of gibberish that crashed my game.
Thanks for all the help!

Next time, you need to make sure that the model you add has no scripts


You’re right. It wasn’t very smart of me, but thank you.