Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

Hello Sam,
It seems that you are using the 32-bit client, and thus, the issues you are facing cannot be attributed to Hyperion. An updated client will be released in the near future, which hopefully resolves the problems you are encountering.


my game just updated and now im unable to open the game anymore or the app (not the windows one) but I can check the logs for the version which is 0.572.1.5720486
nothing happens after it says starting roblox it just closes
this is the 64 bit version I noticed that it would install a new version on my alt with a robloxplayerbeta.dll file basicly all I know is that the 64 bit version just crashes but the 32 bit didn’t I dont know if log files have anything like my account cookie or something like that but [FLog::Warning] UserAgentString Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like GeckoRoblox/WinInetRobloxApp/0.572.1.5720486 (GlobalDist; RobloxDirectDownload) is set is the error I get in every log when trying to open the game in the 64 bit version.



A new version of the client has been released (0.573). Please give it a try once more.


Still happening with the same results as my first post. (Crashing just after loading and crashed process having absurd amounts of CPU usage.)

This seems to be rather rare for me now, as this is the first time it’s happened in a few days. Still on the ‘LIVE’ release channel as well.


Since I haven’t used Roblox Player for more than 1 week, yesterday I tested it and got the crash and ended up creating a bug report for it:

The problem continues today.


I can confirm that this issue is fixed for me, the channel changed from zwinplayer64 to production.

Is there a way to try out the new Launcher with byfron with it?


I have the same issue. Roblox loads for a couple of seconds and crashes.


can confirm, it also crashes for me, and the new update has made it worse


This just started happening to me as well :frowning:


Bumping. Any game I attempt to play will activate the launcher but then proceed to shutdown. The Roblox client will remain active as a background process according to Task Manager, but the window itself is no longer active.

After a few retries this error prompt appears:



My channel changed from zwinplayer64 to production, try switching to the production channel to try if it works normally again

Put this on your Search Bar:

I am not a professional for this kind of stuff.


Hello everyone,

If you haven’t already, please file a new bug report that includes the log file and the crash dump. Please upload these files to the "private content for staff-only" section. Without these files, it’s difficult to diagnose the issue accurately. Even if the issues appear similar, the root causes could be very different. Please note that this request doesn’t apply to Veov_Ekdosi and Tsu. Thank you for your understanding.


I faced the same problem. The application does not work for me and I cannot join the game through the site (starts and crashes almost immediately), but if I do as Tsu says (roblox-player:1+launchmode:app+channel:production), then the application starts without problems and I can play from the app. My logs and dump files


I seem to have the same issue however after the ‘Starting Roblox…’ popup it either appears to run in the background and close after a few seconds or it displays the roblox crash message. Logs + Dump Files

Also, this issue seems to only occur with the Roblox Player, not the Windows 10 client or Roblox Studio.


If this is of any help, I’ve been sent this:


Hello, in my case the machine instantly crashes and resets.

I thought it was a problem with the hardware but other games run fine, but the moment i open the roblox player launcher my computer resets.

This is the first time it happens to me.

System specs:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8gb vram)
Intel Core i5-10400 processor
16 GB DDR4 memory


Hello Alex_Kornilov,

We have analyzed the crash dump you provided, and based on it, we have found that the reason for the crash was Hyperion detecting what we call “badware.” Badware is typically some form of cheat software, but it could also be malware on your machine or a badly written driver.

We recommend performing a clean boot and attempting to run Roblox again. Additionally, as a precaution, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your computer using various virus scanners and malware removers.


Hello CertifiedNoob,

We have analyzed the crash dump you provided, and based on our findings, we have determined that the reason for the crash was due to Hyperion detecting an attempt to run the Roblox client from a virtual machine. We recommend that you run the Roblox client directly on Windows.


Hello quetzaLheartshot,

Please provide us with the corresponding crash dump. This will help us investigate the issue more thoroughly and identify its root cause.