Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

Delete all the Roblox Files. Roblox Player and Roblox Studio. If ur on Windows go to Control Panel > Unninstal a program. Restart ur PC and then try to reinstall Roblox again. If the problem persists it might be from ur hardware.

Let’s be honest:
intel core i7-720QM processor - made in 2009
NVIDIA GeForce GT 420M - made in 2010 (This isn’t even a graphics card, it is a graphics processor)
4GB DDR3 Memory - Windows might take around 1GB and Roblox itself is going to take more than 2


Now only some games are crashing me.

“Emergency Response: Liberty County” just closed my player, no dump

“Sharkbite 1” caused the procdump program to go insane and try to write 20 crash dumps

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Processor: Intel Core™2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00 GHz
RAM: 2.00 GB
GPU: Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Prior to Byfron, Sharkbite 1 was the game that actually gave me the least issues.


Intel i5-3570k, 4C/4T, 4GHz
16GB of memory, and loads of disk space (solid state)
NVidia GTX1070 graphics card
Windows 7

..although if these bug reports have taught us anything, it’s that the problem is irrespective of hardware and operating system; there was at least one person here with a new AMD machine and the latest Windows, same issue


There is also one thing I would like to say. This came out of nowhere. It was working the other day, but now it is not.

Just in case, here are my specs:
Ryzen 9 5900X
32GB of memory, 400gb of space left in total of two drives
Nvidia RTX 3080
Windows 10

I found a fix.

Apparently during this play session, I forgot to put the Roblox disc in! How silly of me


so you are technically saying that because the error files or crash dump are too big you wont help fix the issue with roblox that over 100 players maybe even 1000 players are currently having for over a week without any type of information from a public announcement?


He’s saying that there’s simply other files to look at before looking at those related to this. A significant number of dumps are sent by cheaters, and by policy they have to look at every single dump. This creates a long queue of dumps. It has nothing to do with file size, it has nothing to do with their incompetency. It’s simply because they have other files to look at before yours. There are many people facing this problem but at the same time they may not have enough manpower allocated to look at both every crash dump and attempt to sort out this bug.


this still doesnt mean that roblox hasnt published anything about this and many users cannot use roblox
purchases have been made on some accounts that cant be played on meaning its a waste of money
if they dont get enough help to actually have roblox back in the original state it should had been then i see this problem from roblox rather than the person itself as this had been happening after a exact update from roblox itself


Here you go: (4.5 MB)
(requires ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver to open file)

I’ve never seen this failure mode before. Are you sure your Roblox installation doesn’t have any symlinks to your E: drive? I’ve seen this error when I did that once.

It’s not doing this anymore. It was very weird.

Now it’s back to just randomly crashing occasionally when joining a game

I’m gonna go ahead and wager your issue is related to your low RAM capacity. I’ve noticed similar behaviors when other game clients have gone through upgrades to 64-bit versions that their performance takes a substantial dip on my system (Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB RAM). The other clients seemed to avoid crashing under load, at least…

Roblox now often takes up 700MB-1GB of memory on my first game and climbs up as high as 2.7GB after playing for a while or switching between multiple games. It tends to be more volatile and crash at higher memory levels, but perhaps more significantly, when it balloons to a point where almost all of my memory has been allocated. With your 2GB, I imagine it would hit your limit and become volatile much more quickly and often. Upgrading your memory will not likely fix the whole problem, but it may at least bump out that threshold of stability at least a little bit.

Considering I own a thin client that has only 2GB of memory that is a 64-bit device, released in 2018, this is a major concern. This proves that there is clearly some sort of memory leak, because when using Roblox on that PC, it took up 100MB, leaving 200MB of free memory available for the operating system (which was Windows 10, taking up around 1.6 GB at the time, but after updates it takes 1.7-1.8GB). There’s no way Roblox could possibly run on that device now.

Most thin clients do not have upgradable memory. The only way to use Roblox on those devices is to spin up a cloud managed VM. Services that host such software usually cost money.

Meanwhile, Roblox on Android is taking under 100MB of memory! I have a device that runs Android Nougat 7.1, where it has 998MB of RAM. I believe it is 32-bit, but that might just be the version of Android. Roblox for Android does not have Hyperion, so this issue must be related to Hyperion or the 64-bit client switch.

Speaking of 64-bit clients, why has Roblox forced it? They could have just as easily installed Byfron into a 32-bit client and cross-compile both of them together, right? I’d be interested in learning more about this.

After playing Roblox on my 64-bit Windows PC with 32GB of memory, I’ll report the results here:

(3 seconds in)
(After teleporting places once)
(After 10 minutes)

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Bitdancer’s post about increasing the limit of GDI handles in Windows registry solved the issue for me guys! I haven’t crashed for the first day so thats very good but the high GDI handles that RobloxPlayerApp.exe makes is too high, so… It may fix your crashing issue aswell!

sidenode: the client may still crash but thats another topic.

If you have 32GB of memory and are having thw same crashes as me with my 2GB, then obviously RAM isn’t the issue making it crash

Well Roblox is no longer making full crash dumps for me, starting today. It’s just closing the program and making only a log file.
But yesterday it was making duplicate crash dumps

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Yeah that’s another variable, 2GB is nowhere near enough anymore, but I assume he would have reported a memory management issue long before now if that were the sole reason. ROBLOX has always used lots of RAM, it’s a video game. I don’t think it will have gotten worse since the update.

Then again, I have no idea how much memory the latest builds use, cause they don’t run :rofl:

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Noticed that too. I thought I was going insane or hitting ctrl+scroll lock.

same issue, i have yet to mess with the gdi, but id rather wait to hopefully wednesday when the weekly update drops and this issue is resolved and forgotten about

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