Roblox GFX - Materials not loading correctly on Roblox Avatar

Materials not loading correctly.

Hello everyone I’ve been making some Roblox gfx and found that a roblox character obj is not loading the textures correctly.

Yes I am using a r6 rig.

This is probably a really simple problem however I am unsure how to fix it. Does anybody know? Heres a screenshot for example.


Or basically, just try reimporting the character again but this time you can try using another humanoid character, dont use the one from roblox default since that one seems to have some wonky things going on?

Moon-animator seems to work fine in importing though and the charcter inserter plugin.

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The character is an obj file imported as a wavefront.obj. It is just a load character.

Edit: All my roblox rig objs have worked in the past but somehow they don’t now.

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Alright. Are you loading the character into Studio as R6 or R15? Are you using the LoadCharacter plugin?

LoadCharacter plugin, R6. I’m not sure why this won’t work.

Well this is weird can you send the rig file and texture via FileBin I am blender veteran I can help.
Most prolly you’re exporting the textures from a R 15, exporting it via R 6 will work but this can be possible that the file has messed up texture management or something. I can tell you more after I have the file open in my blender.

After uploading the files send me the link via private messages or here

Well you most probably messes up the rig file PBR textures placement or something.

You need to load the character as R15. Then export onto the R6 rig in blender.

(Sorry for not responding sooner. I didnt get the notification that you replied.)