Roblox Group Rank To Discord Rank Bot

A bot that can be managed in discord to control Ranks, Join requests and shouts in your ROBLOX group!
Still a thing as of May 2020, I have no plans of closing the service but I cannot update this due to an issue addressed on my profile summary.

Commands and how they work

  • ?help -Shows you the commands.
  • ?setrank - Sets the user defined to the rank number defined.
  • ?promote - Changes the user defined rank by one above.
  • ?demote - Changes the user defined rank by one below.
  • ?denyreq - Denys the user’s join request.
  • ?acceptreq - Accepts the user’s join request.
  • ?fire - sets the user to the lowest rank possible.
  • ?shout - Shouts on the group the message defined.
  • ?clearshout - Clears the shouts on the group.
  • ?currentshout - Shows the current shout and who it is by (Can be ran by anyone)

Permission Roles

  • Ranking Permission - Every Cmd
  • Shout Permission - Shout commands
  • Group Request Permission - Accept/Deny Request commands


  • In development

Our Pricing

Regular Bot

  • Free

Premium Bot

  • 5 GBP Paypal

Custom Order

  • Small: 5-15 GBP Paypal
  • Medium: 30-50 GBP Paypal
  • Large: 75+ GBP Paypal

Discord Server

To Consider

  1. I am not a very well known person and most people do not trust me which is fair as they have never heard of me before but it is possible for anyone with the details (that I would need for the bot to work) could easily abuse them. I am not intending on abusing any of this info but there are others out there who would and this is probably why people do not want to use my service

  2. This service is in BETA and I do plan making this open source but while I am still making it and finding a way for it to be vertially impossible for anyone to re-name the service or take it as credits the source code will be given to no-one.

Once gain, I have no malicious intentions but you could doubt that but I do have sensitive info (Access to your group) If you do use the service.


Any plans on open sourcing this? I don’t think I’d trust adding a bot by an individual user, as you can easily do all sorts of malicious actions to a server.


I agree with you on that,
Since when you add any bot, they always ask for administration. So then the makers can do anything to your group.


I’m sorry, but I heavily suggest no one use this bot.

For starters, you’re blantly asking us to give away access to a trustable account, whether it’s a bot or not but expected to have admin perms in a group. A far better alternative is an open source bot which you can find just about anywhere.


I understand where you are coming from, but it is the same as if I used my own account. I might just witch to my own account as it can be more trustworthy.


No one is willing to trust a single person, that is unknown as well, with security to their group. You really need to re-think this approach if you’re wanting to contribute something like this to the community.


I have a few people that say it is legit, But I totally agree to what you are saying. If you don’t want to use my service because of that reason I totally understand but everyone needs to start somewhere.

How are you going to do the ranking and accepting then?

I assume you’re going to request the users of this to give your account the necessary permissions in their group, but then why would anyone who doesn’t trust you with their cookie trust you with group permissions instead?

I think open sourcing is a good step to start with.

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I agree, I’d make it open sourced. The way you can work on this is, make a “hidden code” to have your watermark on it and allow it to the public. While you must have spent alot of time on this, open sourced codes is a way for people to learn and branch off, should they come up with something huge they may give your credit for helping them.


If you looked why it is not open sourced you would know why.

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The only reason why you wouldn’t be able to open source it is because you’re storing the tokens in a table, most likely in cleartext and unencrypted.


Its a good idea if you was to open source it.
No one in the right mind would give a bot permissions they have no full control over. Even on Discord for example I wouldn’t personally give a bot perms on my server because well anything can happen.

current me if I am wrong but not only that, even if the account was just used for a bot giving another user the account’s cookies can get it deleted since it break Roblox tos & account security.

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The token is one token that is for one bot used for every group. The groups and server Id’s are in a local table and it is impossible to get the info. I run it on a private server and do a virus scan weekly even if I have not downloaded anything. This service is secure and if you join our discord you can see our reviews varing from 10mbr groups to 1.2k mbr groups.

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Still, It is not “Secure”, As you said it is stored in a “local table”.

This is not the way to store information, Example if someone found a major glitch in the bot and Used it to get that data, Nothing is secured, Especially the way you are doing it. I seriously suggest rethinking this way.

Thats small groups compared to such as 10k- 130k (examples of bots i run which are heavily secured with Hashing , Encryption)
Your storing sensitite Information with no security added to it at all.

This is false information as an example, Nothing is secure especially with someone who can use that information to Admin abuse a group. This is an example of a Breach I found in someone elses bot.

(this was on a db off site)

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Sorry to barge in,
But I feel you should open source the bot and let people host it themselves.
As I manage and run a 5k group we prefer to use discord bot’s that are self hosted since we know who access to what info.

I can share this bot we use for our Roblox group.

And somehow this bot looks REALLY SIMILAR to your’s and this gives the feeling you made a clone and adding maybe some commands and that’s all.
So this gives me reason’s not trust someone.

Edit: To point out I am fine with people with modifying the code to the own liking, but claiming you made that bot with someone else code “thats another story”.


I totally understand as soon as I saw q-bot I was like WOAH this is similar. So we are sorry about this but we are changing it ALLOT. Although we have allot of reviews if you do not trust us I do highly recommend q-bot.

Where can I get this bot? The link is expired.

I have updated the link! Hope that can help you.

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