Roblox hinges suddenly broke? (Basic cars)

Hello there!
I am a staff member at Go-Karting Xtreme, we are experiencing issues with the karts. Somehow, their turning seems to be messed up. We just use the normal “basic car” things. Aka, hinges with vehicle seats :joy:.

How I know it must be something on Roblox’s side, is that it’s all broken, without touching the games. We’ve multiple games, only touched one.

  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear)
    When you build a car whilst following Roblox’s tutorial, it only drives straight. It won’t turn. Literally, when you press A or D, it won’t do anything. Not when moving, not when standing still.

  • What solutions have you tried so far? (Have you searched for solutions through the Roblox Wiki yet?)
    Yes, I have searched for solutions on the wiki, lol.
    Anyways, I already made my own kart with turning wheels (By the use of constraints), but I would still like to know what the issue was. I tried rewatching the video thousands of times, nothing solves it.



You’ll have more luck getting help here if you follow the (mandatory) post format.

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Please include a repro / example file or video of what’s happening. Also please explain what you mean by messed up.

It’s possible your game was using the old physics solver and the PGS solver was enabled in your game, breaking old behavior. I think this thread is still relevant.

You’re probably gonna want to toss this into your cars because on Feb 7th, without this, your cars will fall apart

As far as issues with how your cars handle, please refer this recent update to PGS Physics.


Like others have said, we need more details on your issue in order to provide any feedback. What do you mean “turning seems to be messed up?”. Please follow the post format that was shared in a previous reply, and include a simplified place file that reproduces the issue you are describing.

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I have updated the post. I am sorry for any confusion I caused.

Please note the tutorial you followed is over 5 years old. The basic VehicleSeat automatic controller and surface hinges are legacy items, and constraints should be used instead (which it looks like you ended up doing, nice!). There is an updated tutorial using constraints here (with an even more updated one coming soon™)!

The VehicleSeat auto-controller does not cause the car to turn like a normal car, but instead like a tank, where the wheels on one side spin in one direction and on the other side spin in the other direction. In the VehicleSeat properties, you may have had the TurnSpeed set to 0, or had the Throttle set too low to get the car to turn. Or maybe the wheels are spinning but there isn’t enough friction between the wheels and the ground, you can check the CustomPhysicalProperties box on these parts to set Friction.
Let me know if that solves your issue!

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Thanks, I let out dev know, and will keep you guys posted! :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks a lot for helping us! :slight_smile: