Roblox image asset previews are broken

There’s this strange bug that occurs when uploading an image to roblox, your image’s preview picture will be heavily distorted/noised as shown below:

This bug is very common for very low resolution images.

Thankfully, this bug doesn’t affect the actual asset when placed in the roblox engine.

As far as I know, this bug has been happening for a few years. (I don’t know exactly how long, but it sure has been a thing since early 2018)

Reproducing the bug is pretty simple. All you have to do is upload a low resolution image to roblox. And then if you go to the image in the studio toolbox or the roblox website, the image may get bugged.


Hi, thank you for the report! We recently rolled out a speculative fix for this that applies to all newly uploaded decals - if you see any of these issues on decals uploaded after October 6th, please let us know.


Yeah the same thing happen to one of the decals I uploaded. It was a small square used as a mouse cursor, and the preview looks glitched out.


Thanks, we’ll continue to investigate it :pray:


It is also still happening where you upload a decal it says it hasn’t being accepted but when you click on it, it is working fine. Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 11.03.12


You should link the asset where this occurs.


Hello. Just wanted to bump this topic as the bug is still occuring and has really taken up most of my images as I scroll through most of my pixel art assets.

I also found another bug that is pretty freaky
If you look closesly you can see noob heads in one of my assets:



Noticed something weird. On the toolbox, the icons are glitched but if you click on the + button, its normal.

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Unfortunately this is still happening. Every image i’ve uploaded today has this problem. Example:


What exactly do you mean by “fix”, exactly?
I have been working on a roblox game and have been developing an info bot that uses info from the game itself, it takes pet images from the api based off given asset ID; I reuploaded an image THREE times and still no luck, the bot just displays distorted images instead of the actual pet image:

It’s bad, really bad, way worse than it was before. Previously; only previews were affected, now? The entire API is screwed over, especially happens when you upload images with a huge range of transparency or low resolution images, like the Ghost image that’s used as an example;

Check it yourself; returns a broken image as well:

(I tried various sizes, didn’t work.)

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Hi @Ethanthegrand14. We deployed several fixes that target problems with previews recently (last one was enabled last week). Unfortunately, it does not seem they will help with your specific case. Could you please confirm that you still encounter this issue with assets uploaded as late as the end of last week or this week?


Still happening now! This bug is really annoying! The preview is only broken when on the actual asset website, when viewing from the decal library, there’s no broken preview

I can confirm I am also having this issue and that it is still occurring. I have several decals that have completely distorted. This is problematic as I need to fetch these as a thumbnail through game code.

It seems to only ever be decals that are completely greyscale with no colour in the image AND have transparency in the image.

Also note: the first image is getting cropped to a circle which is also strange.

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perhaps the issue is images with transparency? most my images have transparent backgrounds, but have colour, so I think its an issue with images with transparent sections

I’ve never seen it happen to an image with colour in it, only black/white/grey, but if that’s the case for others then it is possible the only connection is transparency.


Happening to me as well.

Image icons are corrupted with horizontal line wrapping, incorrect alpha values, or incorrectly being cropped to circles.

Links to some images:

Horizontal corruption:

Incorrect alpha:

Cropped to circle:

Cropped to circle and color corrupted:


I’m very certain that this is related. I have this image and on the website it shows an entirely unrelated image. I didn’t even make it.

This is what the image should look like:

It might have something to do with it being 512x512, having transparency, and being 8-bit. And in the develop tab it shows normally except for the fact that the background is black and the strokes are green.


I’m also having lots of images with buggy previews.
Here’s a long list of them (hidden because, well, it’s long)

Lots of broken previews

Cropped to a circle (either on preview, or asset page, or both): - Also circle on asset page - Also circle on asset page - Also circle on asset page (but it’s not easily noticed)

Incorrect colours (bright green/pink instead of transparency/whites): - Also cropped to circle - Also cropped to circle, and asset page shows a corrupted image - Green on preview, and completely invisible on asset page - Pink background on preview, corrupted image on asset page - Green on preview, cropped to circle on preview, corrupted image on asset page - Pink and green on preview, cropped to circle on preview - Pink background on preview, completely white on asset page - Green on preview, corrupted and cropped to circle on asset page - Green on preview, also cropped to circle on preview (it’s hard to notice, but the bottom right dot is missing) - Pink and green on preview, also cropped to circle - Pink background on preview, corrupted on asset page - Green and circle on preview, corrupted on asset page - Pink background on preview, corrupted and circle on asset page

Other buggy images: - Preview is all yellow - I don’t even know what happened to this preview - Preview is all grey - Preview is all red

Some notes: There’s a LOT more than this, but I’m too lazy to go through my hundreds of created decals to get them all just for this thread, so I collected a sizable portion of them as proof these bugs are very widespread.
The asset page images are the ones that show up in the studio toolbox (so if that’s corrupted, that’s what gets reflected in studio.)
Decals seem to work fine in games/studio otherwise though, which is what matters for the most part.
If a previews colours are messed up (pink/green) the asset page image tends to be corrupted, this is probably not a coincidence.
As some other people in here may have theorised, it seems that no, it’s not limited to just low resolution images (there’s a wide range of resolutions/ratios out of these) however it seems like images that are completely greyscale or have exclusively one colour have a habit of getting the pink/green bugs. The circle bug doesn’t discriminate though, and will just affect whatever it feels like.

Quick edit: I felt this decal was so exceptional I had to pick this one out to show how badly messed up everything is.
The preview is incorrect colours and cropped to a circle, and on the asset page it’s outright corrupted as well as being a circle again


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Please note that filling a bug report does not guarantee that it will be fixed once triaged.


Two or three days ago I uploaded a bunch of white icons with transparency and all of the Decal assets received broken thumbnails.

Something that recently changed with this bug though is that Image asset thumbnails now also receive broken thumbnails. I took a break from developing for school so the last set of grayscale image assets I uploaded were around September 25 - October 1, 2020, and their thumbnails are not broken. An image uploaded on December 28, 2020 however was broken.

I ran through a bunch of test images today to see if PNG parameters / header information affected the issue at all, and it did not. The only thing that mattered was that the image be grayscale and have transparency information.

An important detail to note is that Images that get broken thumbnails retain their dimensions - rectangles stay rectangles. Decal thumbnails however are always square by design. There doesn’t appear to be stretching artifacts on the broken decal thumbnails, so the broken thumbnails must be generated after the dimensions for the image are set.