Roblox image chat using the official roblox chat. (Feedback appreciated + Updated version)

I have made a system to send images in the roblox chat!
You can only send messages from a new menu I added in the roblox chat.

Here is how it looks and works:

Yes, these messages will show for other players!

Changes for the latest version:
The menu for images is improved
Chat tags now work with the system
More Images and a icon for the button to open the images menu
Bug Fixes and Optimisations

Here is a look at the latest version:

The future plans of this system:
A animation for the images menu when opened and closed < Added
Make chat bubbles work above the players character when they send a image
Add GIFs when the public can upload videos to roblox.

Any ideas or feedback for this is heavily appreciated!


It looks very nice, but, when inserted, they look like emojis. Why don’t you make an emoji picker instead?

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On another note, you should switch the tween to sine since the bounciness is not quite relaxing at all. It’s jumpy and strains the eyes a little.

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I have plans to add chat settings and animations will be one of the settings :smiley:


This system can handle a tone of images (uses a ScrollingFrame and automatically loads all the images from a folder then the canvasSize of the ScrollingFrame changing to be the best size possible) and I just thought, why not make this thing cause I haven’t seen any roblox game do this before

It looks nice, but I would also like it if you could just use :emoji: format to insert the emoji. This system reminds me a lot of Breaking Point and is a really nice custom chat.

I don’t really know if editing the roblox chat code to change how it looks and add stuff is a custom chat, but thanks!

I have no plans todo :emoji: tho since I have no idea on how that could be done

I suggest making the icon’s a bit more clear. Other than that, it looks awesome!

Yeah, I made image messages bigger than text messages after posting this.
Thanks for the feedback anyway!

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It’s super cool I like the idea of the bouncy text as I’ve never seen that before. The emojis are cool but you should add a + button that once pressed it pulls up a bigger list of emojis to use.

I am adding MANY emojis over time and it is a ScrollingFrame that auto resizes every emoji added.
(The button for the menu also has a Icon now)
Thank you for the feedback too!

No problem! What if you made a way where users can use a currency to open a crate and get custom emojis?

I was thinking of something like that but ima have to make a new datastore that crosses across save slots

Wait nvm, how save slots that are created uses a datastore that crosses across slots

(Yes I do use DataStore2)

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Ripull had a feature like that in his ripull minigames, maybe try and get some inspiration from that?

possibly could, I will check it out later

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This is actually really cool, I like the idea!
But I have an idea, though. You can make it that the user can import custom images, by using decal IDs. And you can make it that it costs in-game currency to do that, or maybe robux.

I would add this BUT the one thing making me NOT do this is bypassed images.

Now I think of it, making it cost robux might just make it possible since most people don’t want to waste there robux to send a bypassed image into the chat.
Maybe having that feature to be 10-15 robux then yeah.
For now I will stick with having these images then add packs for more images.

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