Roblox is looking for Interns for the Studio Team!

We are looking for Interns to be a part of the Studio Team for the Spring and the Summer 2018. A successful candidate is an intelligent and creative individual who has a strong desire to learn new technologies and practices, work for a fast growing Silicon Valley high tech company. It is a chance to join the chefs in the kitchen and help with your own vision and recipes!

You will be matched with and mentored by senior software engineers from our knowledgeable and veteran engineering staff. Be expected to work as an essential member of the Studio Team, participate in brainstorming, implement features, resolve bugs.

You are:

  • Working towards a BS or MS in Computer Science, Applied Math, Game Development or similar
  • Smart, with a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Experienced with C++
  • Well-rounded with a history of academic and/or professional excellence
  • Passionate about user facing software development
  • A gamer, game demos and/or portfolio a plus
  • 18+ years old. If you require a visa, you need to have 1 year of university schooling.

You will:

  • Become familiar with QT framework structures and development principles
  • Master C++ coding skills
  • Implement enhancements and new features for Roblox Studio product
  • Develop and maintain User interface elements that are seen by thousands of Studio users

Interested?! Apply Here

Please do not post your application in this topic. Questions and comments are welcome!

Update. For all people who can’t apply yet. This is not the only opportunity. We plan to keep our internship program running for years ahead. If you can’t apply now, there will be more positions in future.


Sadly I’m 14, If I was 18+ I would do it.


are you guys going be posting other internship opportunities on the devforums?

just curious


We need internship opportunities for 13+ members too.

The reason for the age requirement is in large part due to the legal restrictions of people under 18. Someone under 18:

  • May not be eligible to work by their home state’s law
  • May not be eligible to work by California law
  • May require additional, painful paperwork in order to be eligible to work

Users under 18 also aren’t statistically as mature and may not cope well with a working environment. As an employee, you have to fly out to San Mateo and live there to work at ROBLOX – you can’t work from home. I’m not sure how many parents would be a fan of their 13-year-old living on their own, states away.


There are many people under the age of 18, specifically high school students, that live within the Silicon Valley, I don’t see why they don’t let them have that internship opportunity.


They can’t because of California labour laws.


Are you able to get me a source of that? I was offered an internship at some non-profit organization during my Junior year in High School. I was 17.

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Glad to see the company is always looking for new faces

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Are you interested in something particular? I can check with other teams.

Interested in a product or marketing internship, but don’t know how often they run (if it’s summer only, fall+spring?).

I’ve been keeping my eye on the corporate website :eyes:

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AHHHH i haven’t gotten into college yet!!

From my understanding, typically a marketing internship happens in the summer. Of course, future plans could change and there may be an opportunity at another time!

When would this be running and what if you’ve already finished university? I finished a bachelors in July (though I don’t graduate til January). What level of C++ is required too? I’ll be at RDC UK tomorrow and will probably be going to the intern breakout session.

Edit: I applied in February (I think?) 2016 for last summer on the client team. I didn’t get in and I think that was probably due to not having much experience with C++, but my friend who applied and got sent the testing form showed me it and I didn’t have difficulty solving the problems.

well I’d like to start the process of the a summer internship I’ve heard many many people say to start in the fall the year prior.

how did yours come about?

Keep an eye on for opportunities that you’d fancy! :wink:


What are the opportunities for full-time positions after the internship? Also, is this open to recent college graduates who haven’t yet applied or gotten acceptance for a MS program?

Roblox is hiring people across the board, so there are employment opportunities.
You still can apply for internship.