Roblox is not consistently loading meshes, animations, images and clothes in Studio and Experiences

For the last two weeks, I’ve trouble developing and playing because Roblox is not properly loading a lot of assets in games. This is an hindrance while playing. For example, some obby stage models don’t load so it’s impossible to pass the stage. Another example, break of immersion in RP games because my clothes don’t load, neither does buildings or car parts. As a last example. when I open a gui, the background image is not loaded so buttons appear floating on the screen.

Worse yet is developing with this limitation. I can’t properly work on my models and vfxs because I’m not sure if I need to add something to them or if some of its parts are invisible because they didn’t load. I need to restart Studio 1-5 times until the asset I’m working fully shows up. This makes developing new content extremely slow.

I’m aware sometimes assets fail to load, but I never seen so many assets failing to load so consistently across different experiences and in Studio.

Expected behavior

I expect most assets load properly in Studio and in games as it always did until a few weeks ago.

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Upon further investigation I found an older thread discussing this problem. The temporary solution is using a VPN.

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