Roblox isn't sending out the 2-step verification code

I tried signing back into my account today, and Roblox refuses to email me the 2 step code, so I’m currently stuck outside of my account.

Another user in my Discord server reported having the same issue last night.

Unsure if this is related, but I saw these errors in the F12 console

I’ve waited about 20 minutes, It would be pretty epic if this was fixed ASAP.


Hi Stratiz,

I’m not able to reproduce your problem and we aren’t seeing the console errors you posted. Can you try the usual solutions (private browser, other browser, clear cache and cookies)


I’ve tried both Incognito mode as well as switching browsers to edge, both yield the same result.

Edge spat out a new error:

Incognito mode has no errors, but I’ve still received nothing.

I’ve made sure my email hasn’t been changed via the mobile app.


Do you have an adblocker enabled?

For that specific request, can you see the response that is provided?
(in chrome) Dev Tools > Network > XHR > that request > Response

In normal chrome I do have an adblocker enabled, but for incognito and edge I do not have any adblockers enabled.

XHR Error seems to be a one time thing. I couldn’t get the response as I’d already reloaded the page which in turn cleared the log. So far I haven’t seen the XHR error again.

EDIT: These warnings appear consistently on Edge. Likely unrelated but worth noting.

I found the issue. Roblox was always sending the code, gmail has just suddenly started classifying it as a “Promotion”, which puts it under a different tab.

Is there a way to make the email not get classified as a promotion?

I apologize if I wasted any ones time. The new change threw me off as I’d never expect a verification code to be algorithmically recognized as a promotion.


Same for me. The message should not go in to promotions tab.

I would assume that’s on Google and not on Roblox to fix. Could reach out to their support.


This is just something I hastily put together, but there is a way to filter emails and sort it into the different categories.

Open up settings in Gmail

Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses

Select Create a new filter and fill in the no-reply email in the From box

Select Create Filter, choose this box and categorize it as Primary

All emails from 2FA should subsequently be put into the Primary section. Please let me know if you need more clearing up on anything, made this thing in 5 minutes under haste so I may have made a mistake somewhere :sweat_smile:


Well, now I feel dumb for being locked out of my account due to this.

Over a month later this is still an issue, and I’m aware Roblox can’t directly solve it, however what they could do is add it to the reference information of support staff since it’s an issue that must affect a lot of people. Support staff were completely useless for this issue. I say I checked my spam, I get told to check my spam.