Roblox kicks me from all games. Error Code: 268

The following message displays when I try to join any game. The game will load for a few seconds before kicking me.

I can’t think of much more to say but I have not changed any settings recently, researched the issue and no one else seems to be experiencing this. I was playing games fine this morning and this issue only started happening an hour or so ago. I do not remember Roblox updating in that period.

OS: Windows 10, 64 bit
Intel i7 2.8 GHz
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

I have tried a full re-install of Roblox player but that did not help.


Sorry to bump this post however I am now receiving this issue too across many different games. I’m running on Windows 10 and the time it takes before I am kicked seems to be random.


My issue seemed to resolve itself the next day after I had shut down my pc the evening before. Still not sure what causes it.


It has seemingly resolved itself for me too. I guess you can mark this thread as resolved?


Sorry for the bump but i’d like to note I am now having this issue.


Have you installed any software before this happened?

If you have installed something like Roblox+.


I haven’t and the issue is resolved. All I did was restart my computer and it seems to be working now.


Reinstalled Roblox Client, Restarted Wi-fi, Restarted PC. It has been happening for few days already.

Edit: Day 4 of this happening, can someone follow up regarding this?
Edit: Day 6 of this happening, I contacted Roblox Support and they said it’s my internet problem, but it works fine with my laptop which connects the same network with Wifi.


I got this kick 3 times on a particular game as well.

Not sure this makes sense, I am on a fiber line, and only use ethernet, and i get the kicks as well. Also, support may not be aware of the changes causing this.


This happens to me for all games. Can someone from the official follow up on this?


Been happening me for a while now, and it happens from time to time.

OS: Windows 10, 64 bit.
Intel i3 7th gen, 2.3 GHz


Does it happen to you anymore? I literally tried everything though, contaced Support, reinstalled Roblox after clearing AppData files, restarted nearly everything… I really have no clue.


Unlikely to be it, but i’ve noticed that motherboards equipped with (and are using) Aquantia NICs straight up do not work with Roblox a lot of the time. Random disconnects, this error & the inability to move between universe games are all symptoms of it and i’m yet to discover a fix.

Try updating network drivers, though again it’s unlikely to be the issue.

I think “Client behavior” doesn’t really direct relate to hardwares?

Still happens, I’ve not been able to play many games recently either, and it seems as if it’s because of Roblox detecting memory spikes.

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Hi Headstackk,

We’re working on this to try to understand the root cause behind your kick. Could you please help me by answering what version of Windows do you use and do you have an anti-virus running actively on your computer? You can send the answers privately if you prefer.



I think I do have an Anti Virus software installed, I’ll try disabling it. I’m also on Windows 7.

Edit: Solved by disabling it.


You should never have to disable your antivirus to access ROBLOX. Out of curiosity, have you notified ROBLOX as to what anti virus you’re using so they can try to fix this?


Roblox recently introduced a security check to combat the botting issue. When you join a game you have to solve a “challenge” packet (you basically get a protectedstring that you have to execute and send back the params".

Recently Roblox changed the required time to solve this challenge from around 30secs to less than 10secs. If you have an antivirus or something that filters your network traffic and if you combine that with many opened programs that consumpt your bandwidth, you will start getting kicked often for this specific reason.

Afaik Roblox doesn’t provide you with the exact hackflag that you’ve triggered, maybe they should do that.


Yes, I replied the customer service email and told them the third-party anti-virus software that I’m using.