Roblox LoadAsset from InsertService bugs

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    I want to use LoadAsset properly without bugs

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    Well, basically I am using LoadAsset for a game where I am a scripter since we need to load models, the problem is that I get this error

    I was researching other topics like this, and I know that this is mostly due to the fact that the model
    must be created or have the same owner of the game as its owner (This game is not in a group).

    In my case it is like this, the model is created and has the same owner of the game as its owner.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

    Yes, I have investigated more topics like this, a strange solution I found was to upload the model under my ownership, and strangely this made it work, although I am not the owner of this game where the script is, I only have editing permissions

    This is the code I’m using (Only for testing)

    local Insert = game:GetService("InsertService")
    local model = Insert:LoadAsset(16588055627)
    model.Parent = workspace
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It looks like you don’t own the model. The owner of the game must also own the item.

Just like @Robodin082 mentioned, you don’t seem to be allowed to see that asset, and I couldn’t see what that even is:

What exactly is that model?

Hello! Thank you very much for your response, yes, the owner of the game also has it, but do I also have to have it in my inventory?

The model is a car, and contains some scripts

Is the model public/ published in the marketplace ?
If not then I think you can’t use it unless it’s yours.

well, it is a model that belongs to the owner of the game where I script, but the script from which I am using insert service is also in that game, so it seems strange to me that it says Asset not trusted

InsertService is genuinely one of the most useless services Roblox has ever given us by it’s useless security checks. I recommend just getting the model itself than having the pain with it. There is practically no point with InsertService at all due to its restrictions.

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Thanks for the answer, yes it is a bit useless for most cases, in my case I use it because I need my game to have many cars, but we have already exceeded the 125mb allowed by Roblox

After a few days using this, I realized something.

This works similar to the Animations ID, this means that if for example I am working on someone else’s game and I upload an ID for a model (Under my ownership), I will see it and it will work fine, but when publishing the game , other users (Players) will not see it.

So I’ve been getting this error in studio because I’ve been using models under the owner ownership (It’s a player)

I guess that’s another reason why we should have the games under groups and not under individual accounts

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