Roblox & Microsoft Azure PlayFab News


We’re happy to announce Roblox is partnering with Microsoft | Azure PlayFab, to deliver analytics as a service to top developers on the Roblox platform. The two companies are collaborating to deliver this service later this Fall to help devs better understand what players are doing inside their respective games.

Microsoft is announcing this as well in their premier developer conference Build this morning. More details will come later this summer as the two companies work to integrate PlayFab’s technology into Roblox’s developer back-end system.

Roblox e Microsoft Azure PlayFab News
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Does this mean we can stop relying on unreliable Roblox data-stores or is this purely for analytical purposes? Will it be included in Azure for students? Is it replacing the Roblox analytics page?

If it’s purely for analytical purposes, I’m pretty sure quite a number of developers use their own solution or GameAnalytics and if it’s not included in Azure for students I can’t see many people using it considering how expensive Microsoft generally tends to be in their pricing compared to competitors.

I feel like this thread should of waited until everything was out. Seems a bit strange but nice to know early I guess but would have been better with a bit more context


:open_mouth: Does this mean we can create games from roblox Microsoft Azure Playfab?

But glad that roblox is working with other makers i believe this would be good to do…!


Further analytical tools provided to developers are always a good thing—glad to hear of this collaboration.


This is really cool! Too bad it’s exclusive to top devs though.


I haven’t really made a “Successful” enough game to view a lot of data but after researching a little into play fab analytics it may be easier to use and view data. They offer real-time dashboards for your data and you can search up specific data events. It may be easier to track massive changes in a games economy or see what products are selling the most/least all in one area.

Assuming this is purely for the analytical purpose I’m on board. For anyone interested here,

Edit: Also excited to see top devs and other’s opinions on this. Will this even make a difference?


I find myself agreeing with the above posts, especially the part about the feature being exclusive to top developers. However, I think the question should be asked is: What qualifies someone as a “top developer”? What qualifies one person for this program, but not others? Is there a specific inclusion criteria?


Knowing more about how player are playing your game is always good but I would also like to know how any “right to erasure” would be handled in this new analytics system.


This is awesome to hear! One of the biggest pitfalls of the current analytics system is that it only provides per-place information. Our game has over a dozen places in it, but the current developer analytics panel only shows information for our start place, so it shows our average session time as 1 minute when our custom GameAnalytics implementation shows it closer to 40 minutes.

@Roblox @DevEngagementTeam @RoughSphereBlox @2blox2quit can you provide clarification / ensure that Microsoft’s implementation supports the growing number of multi-place games that are striving to bring new experiences to the Roblox platform and have the greatest need to better understand their users’ behavior?


It’s always been a challenge on how to get proper analytics from games, this is certainly a step forward. Hopefully this comes with error reporting and customisations to create ultimate analytics data. Amazing!


What quantifies a “top developer”?
And if you release a game and it’s a big success, are the analytics unlocked for it?


This is a great step into the right direction! I am sure that this will be a large improvement from our pre-existing analytics system! Thanks for the info.

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Ah, sadly is minor devs don’t have access to this new feature, seems cool, might sound dumb, but I never heard of Microsoft azure playfab. This has me intreasted though! :thinking: :thinking:

When I read “Microsoft” quickly, I swear it said Minecraft.


@berezaa The implementation of the events will be completely custom i.e. whatever you want to record and won’t be on Microsoft.


That’s great to hear. It sounds like tracking something like average play time across multi-place games will require you to store a player’s join time and send it along whenever the player teleports. Is this the case or will there be an easier way to track per-player events throughout multi-place sessions? Will we get any functionality with this feature that is difficult/impossible to implement with GameAnalytics?

I love analytics, so I’m super anxious to figure out the specifics of this integration. Very excited!


This sounds cool, but I’m not liking how this is restricted to top developers. Every developer, regardless of size, deserves equal access to features that can help them become big, which in turn helps Roblox.
I also have 2 questions. What are the qualifications for top developer, and what is the advantage of this over GameAnalytics?


What qualifies as a “Top Developer” and how do we know, will we be notified if we achieve this standing and etc…

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It depends on what team you ask, but it is typically the top X concurrence games, i.e. top 250 usually.


Where are the statistics for this, as I’d love to take a look.