Roblox + Monstercat Collection: Volume 2

Soooo glad this is happening! Thank you Roblox and MonsterCat!


Free audio assets with studio quality production, you say? Don’t mind if I do



That’s great! I’m looking into putting music in my experience. :grinning:


I’m very happy that this collaboration exists. Monstercat’s music is all around really dope and it can make all the difference when it comes to setting the mood for the experience. A few personal favorites were on this list too! I look forward to the possibilities this change opens up, and especially to future tracks being added.


This is all great! The music on the ROBLOX profile was getting old…
With that music, it’s a 1/50 chance it’s good.


I think developers should add a warning before including Monstercat tracks in their videos so that YouTubers can avoid harsh copyright.


Wow! This is great! This is another great place where I can grab music for my games, without spending any money for some great music for my games. This will be so useful for commissions if someone is asking for music in their game, I can just go over to monstercat and grab some uncopyrighted music and then use it in my game. Thanks a lot for partnering with monstercat and I really am glad to import some great music without getting copyrighted. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Theres so many new audios it’s hard to pick which one.


I can’t wait to listen to all these awesome new Monstercat tracks! (Especially throttle.)

Once again you guys continue to build the metaverse together, introducing us to artists through your platform and bringing artists closer to developers and players more than ever!

Happy birthday @Monstercat! :blue_heart:


Monstercat has some amazing music. If they keep on expanding the partnership, I wouldn’t have to consider buying expensive (and also complicated because of the roblox platform’s nature) song rights. This is great :+1:

*edit: if we could get some Infected Mushroom my life will be complete


very cool :sunglasses: more free music! happy b day monster cat :tada:

Thank you, this is really use full, because I want add all monstercat sounds on my game for a random music choice.

This is really neat! I’ve always been a huge fan of Monstercat and this is awesome!
Keep up the good work Roblox and @Monstercat !

This is awesome! I absolutely love the collaboration Roblox is investing in with other companies, it really shows the platform’s growth over the years! :v:t4:

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this is going to be very useful for dance and roleplay games. i can see alot of people using this update.

Monster cat songs opened source is awesome! This gives a developer more freedom to add song to their games without worrying about a DMCA request! The event is astonishing visually. I am still stuck finding thr last two tokens though :pensive:

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This is cool! Now I get to rock to some cool music!


Is it wrong I’ve never heard of any of these? :flushed:

Thanks ROBLOX! You have a lot of high quality music and SFX.
@Monstercat keep putting out more monster beats :cool:
Nice game

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While more songs to use are great, I do agree that the genres are limited. Maybe more tracks from APM could cover a wider range of needs.

o_O Monster cat? Now this is incredible honestly!!!