Roblox Native Linux Support

Dear Roblox, please read this carefully and think twice before replying.

Since ROBLOX has blocked WINE from running the client, I’ve been quite disappointed, as the staff are able support almost every platform EXCEPT for the daily growing one called Linux. Roblox, you are a large platform, in fact one of the largest for gaming. You have the money and time to support Linux, but you don’t want to and there are massive amounts of people from the Linux community begging for Linux official support. If I could maintain a Linux distro, you can make a Linux port. I’m maintaining this distribution alone, and you have a whole corporation to support an application for Linux, and you refuse. My little brother has been hating Windows 11 in the past couple months, and he has a high-end gaming pc. His system freezes and lags constantly and he wants to switch to Linux, but ROBLOX is stopping him. He has a 10k subscriber YouTube channel, and he uses an operating system that practically stops him from working on important things. In fact I had to copy this draft multiple times, because Windows would keep crashing my browser, causing me to struggle to even write this. Any large corporation should support a large platform with a monthly growing markets share.

Let me know what you think.


Windows shouldn’t be crashing your browser, that is likely an issue with your build. However, I do think more gaming platforms should start supporting linux.


Agreed that windows should not be crashing your browser.

Also agreed that more platforms should support Linux. The Valve Proton project has also been a pioneer of Linux and game adoption. I hope this Wine block doesn’t last much longer or maybe some solution is thought of.


searched for “roblox linux” on duckduckgo and this link appeared
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not saying anything, just something suspicious i found…


I also noticed that and i almost wanted to talk about it here. I searched “ linux” on DuckDuckGo, and saw exactly that. I really wonder what it means.


also i remember searching for the same thing before all of this hyperion discussion, and this link did not appear at all, just things related to vinegar, grapejuice and stuff (wine wrappers for roblox)

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Hm. interesting… I guess we just have to wait until we get the next RDC.


I remember seeing this link on DuckDuckGo a while ago. Probably nothing relevant.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s what most people think.

If I had to guess what it’s for, it was probably when Shedletsky was still working for Roblox and they were planning to add support for Linux, or a link to display a page that Linux is not supported (when you visited Download Roblox App on Linux and it used to say operating system not supported).
Judging by the time I saw this link on DuckDuckGo (so long ago that I don’t remember when, maybe a few months or years), and Roblox’s current position on support for Linux, unfortunately we will not have official support on Linux. Sadly it is reality. I use Arch, by the way.

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oh so that’s why i didn’t see that link, it was just down the page


Coming out of retirement to say I agree.

After wine 9 the weird wayland mouse lock bug was fixed, I ran it with vulkan and it was perfect. Down to the last minute detail.

Roblox on windows just struggles for me and I switched gpus, cpus and motherboards for unrelated reasons, and I reset my windows install once. Fps was high for sure but a 20-40fps dip is insane. And the system itself eats performance.

I get that the linux users are the weird ones, that it’s a choice and whatnot, but this joint paradox of “small user base therefor lack of support therefor…” upsets me to no end. Plus companies that developed or started to develop linux ports benefited in the long run. Also linux “gamers” usually have money to spend because they are either enthusiast adults or have knowledgeable parents/guardians, if you need a monetary reason.

Or just… you know, the people making games on the platform need to test too and, coming from experience, the built in tools for testing are not the best. I’m aware studio still works but playing in the actual server-client structure that the game gets pushed to is the best way to break and debug.

Yes I know dual-booting exists, no I won’t do it.

I understand the decision, but this demand is too valuable to ignore.


Yeah this would be nice. I’d rather play Roblox on an operating system that doesn’t spy on me, come with bloatware, and random unnecessary crap running in the background. Guess I’ll wait for that day to come. I’m not dual booting just to use studio.


I’d strongly agree with the last two statements.


If the proton project says anything else but a confirmation of what you stated. I would argue that Steam has really led a charge here and we are in a bit of a David vs Goliath situation here. While we are a small user base, we make large things happen. It does feel like they are supporting Goliath and have taken any tools in the fight away from us (except for allowing us access to Studio). I will probably just keep on sticking with Waydroid too but I do hope that some day Linux will be allowed back.


Has anyone tried HyperV and a GPU passthrough VM for roblox?

I was literally logging into DevForum just to talk about exactly that. So I spent 7 hours TRYING to get GPU pass through working, but it will refuse to function. It freezes my vm software and outputs no errors. I just decided to quit and give up. One thing for sure, is I am VERY angry at Roblox. They are a multi-million dollar company, deciding they want to support as many platforms as they can, just to end up giving dozens of stupid excuses about supporting Linux, when they can just quit being lazy and support it. One thing for sure, is I will NEVER touch Windows AGAIN. It’s a useless piece of unstable spyware, somehow leading the entire PC market. Roblox - the imagination platform. Well yea makes sense because them supporting Linux is somewhere in my imagination, not reality. I guess I’m just going to have to find alternative games to play until Roblox quits being lazy, which probably will never happen.


I have found videos for making VFIOs to be very helpful for this. You have to use virt-manager though. I’m going to see if I have any luck though. I know that a regular VM is probably blocked though.

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I was able to get the vm to finally boot using my Nvidia drivers, I just get returned with “Roblox can’t run inside a vm”

Well, darn it. Looks like I will continue to use Waydroid with the libndk patch which I surprisingly found out about here.