Roblox 'Popular' category is not filtered correctly

To start off, whether this is intended I do not know, but I haven’t been able to find anything that clearly states that it is intentional. No posts on the DevForum, no roadmaps confirming this change, so at a loss of options, I’m checking to see if this is an overlooked issue or changed and kept intentionally.

I have made two posts about this before, which you can read here;

A read is recommended, as I explain a few of my findings and where I assume the issue lies.

But to explain again for clarification, the popular page, the page which used to be filtered from most CCU to lowest CCU, like shown in the next screenshot.

This is the games list taken from a DevForum post dating back to 2017. You can see that it accurately lists the games from highest CCU to lowest. However – compare it to a screenshot I took recently which I used in one of my previous posts;

The games are all over the place when it comes to popularity. It starts with a game that has 2.2k CCU? Bloxfruits is last in the front page, coming in at 10th place with 521.1k CCU. There is an obvious issue going on when it comes to how games are filtered. They are way too personal, with a shooting genre which I played for about 2 hours prior to taking the screenshot, it had already infected my entire discovery page.

This personally annoys me. This shows that new games have even less of a chance to gain a playerbase because even on the popular page, they will get drowned out by games that are recommended to players just because they showed minor interest in a random category.

Again, whether this is intended or not is my guess. I just want to shed light on it for the case this is an overlooked issue. When this started I do not know, but my guess would be the last discovery page overhaul.


Thanks for the report! Just to confirm, we have a ticket for this in our internal database.

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Hi Lemny, thanks for reporting this issue about the Popular sort on the Discover page.

We’ve recently started testing new sorts to improve content quality on Discover, aiming to make the sorts’ ranking logic intuitive. We appreciate your patience as we iterate and roll out the updates.

Thank you for the update. I do however have some uncertainties;

In the FAQ part of the topic, the following is stated:

It is clear that in the near future of the Discover page, it will feature more non-personalized genres to give more games a chance to appear to a lot more users. However, what I recently found out is that when you do go to the popular page as it is today – if you check the URL, it reads:


Thus, it is very personalized, assuming that it is using my location to determine what games people that are from the same country as me are playing.

My unnecessary and probably wrong thesis;

Not only does it not filter by popularity but by country, it is also not sorted correctly. In the URL it states “sortName”, which I am assuming could/should be “sortCCU” or of the similar sort.

So my question really is;

  • Does this mean you will be effacing the Popular genre, since it is too personal?
  • Will this be reworked to instead filter by current CCU to appeal more to the non-personalized genres which are being proposed?
  • Or third scenario, will this end up being replaced by the more advanced filtered genres? Since the popular tab as it used to only kept count of the concurrently connected users, nothing more nothing less.
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Popular worldwide and popular is showing the exact same games in the exact same order.