Roblox Premium renewal doesn't work

The problem is i’ve been trying to use up my iTunes credit to buy premium, and since roblox converted to use apple subscriptions every month my premium does not renew despite the fact I still get a receipt and im still charged, as a result of this I have to contact customer service every month to be given the membership manually which can take up to a. fortnight to sort out.

This started happening about 3 months ago after premium was changed from a one time purchase to a apple subscription, and has happened every month since premium was added to be a subscription instead of a purchase on the App Store.

I just buy premium using iTunes credit and every month I get a receipt, however I have to contact roblox customer service who waste a week of my time before I can actually start my premium for the month.

The purchase was originally made on my iPad mini 4.

If roblox staff wants my receipts for the purchases I’m happy to send on DMs but I would rather not give away my personal information publicly.

I have contacted Apple and they have said it’s not a bug on their end, As a developer this bug is crippling to development progress and I have been given 0 compensation for the inconvenience caused to me every month.

This issue has resulted in roblox threatening to take action against my account multiple times, making me seem like the one in the wrong.

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Seems like a pre-designed bot message that doesn’t serve any purpose unless you’re someone who’s telling them that someone else made purchases on your iTunes account without your consent. They just completely ignore any prior context and give you a generic message (as usual…)

Roblox needs better Custom Service imo, one that doesn’t rely so heavily on the use of bots. An issue as major as this could’ve been resolved by now with proper CS.


Couldn’t agree more with this, for more then two weeks now ive got generic, useless replies repeatedly putting me in the wrong and asking me to go out of my way and contact apple for an error which is entirely on them.


This is still having a massive impact on me and my development and I have heard nothing from roblox involving getting it fixed / compensation for the now 11$ I have lost.


Small update, logged onto roblox on the account the purchase was made from, I received a notification upon login talking about how something went wrong with the transaction and to contact customer service if I fail to receive the membership.

Day 16 since last response, I believe I am now being effectively ghosted by customer service and to be honest I preferred the crappy bot emails to this, is this how roblox deals with players who are affected by transaction errors on their end?


Are you emailing everyday? That might push the ticket back in Zendesk so it never gets to the front of the queue.


Nope, I last emails 11 days ago.

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I have experienced something like this on Android back in 2015, luckily it has been fixed sense then but it sucks to see that the bug has resurfaced. The email is hopefully a bot message because I can’t imagine Roblox banning you for that.


I actually went out of my way and spent a week discussing the issue with apple, they were 100% sure this was a Roblox issue and the app developer is supposed to resolve it without exception and I need to pursue the case with them.

Roblox is stil ghosting my emails adamant it is not their fault, I feel caught up in a conflict between two parties as a victim who has lost money with neither attackers admitting liability. I NEED a fix and/or compensation since this bug is costing me money and causing me, as a user of the platform, a lot of stress.


Can confirm.
I’ve received the same issue after the switch to premium. Your payment is fully processed, but you are never given the membership, nor the Robux.

After about a week of emailing back and forth, I received my Premium 450 for the first month [after Premium was released to the U.S.]. The next month when my membership expired they would not give me membership via the same process. After about two weeks of emailing Roblox support, customer care, and even the billing specialist, they all solely insist this issue is not a problem on their end and to contact Apple/iTunes. Conversely, it’s insisted by Apple/iTunes that the app developer (Roblox) is at fault.

If you need a refund there’s an Apple refunds website where you will be refunded if requested.

I’ve been on a hiatus of buying Roblox membership since this issue arose; please, notify me if this issue is ever fixed!


Hey! I’m experiencing the same issue. I had some iTunes so I decided to buy Roblox Premium. I paid for the monthly subscription like a couple days ago but I never received the Roblox Premium. What should I do?


You can’t do anything, roblox and apple both refuse to resolve the issue each blaming the other, you are just going to have to accept that you lost 5$

Shows roblox cares about its developers.


It’s against the Roblox DevForum rules to post offsite links, but search “Apple Refund” and you should find the first result being the official Apple website—you can report this issue and request a refund here.


It appears that from the first post, this type of action could lead to the account getting auto banned.


From my experience, that is not the case. In fact, this is what Roblox Support recommends:


Both roblox and apple are blaming each other in an almost childish dispute, the error however is obviously with roblox yet apple should also have tighter control over the users using it’s App Store.

Point is this issue only happens on roblox and therefor it is obviously Roblox’s problem. the fact it appears to have happened to so many people shows that.

Also its been 40 days since roblox started ghosting me, no matter what I would not expect to be ghosted by any major service.


Here, I’ve read through the Roblox Terms of Service and there is a relevant notice about Apple.

Below I’ve quoted the crucial information for some more context regarding this issue:

In the event of any failure of the Service to conform to any applicable warranty, you may notify Apple and Apple will refund any applicable purchase price for the mobile application to you; and, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Apple has no other warranty obligation whatsoever with respect to the Service. Apple is not responsible for addressing any claims by you or any third party relating to the Service or your possession and/or use of the Service, including, but not limited to: (i) product liability claims; (ii) any claim that the Service fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement; and (iii) claims arising under consumer protection or similar legislation.

  1. This means that it’s perfectly fine for you to contact Apple and request a refund from Roblox—at least on mobile.

  2. Therefore, it seems that Apple is not liable for this issue on the service (Roblox). Ergo, Apple is not liable or responsible for handling it; Roblox is.


The thing that confuses me most is roblox has accepted liability and just given me premium twice before, i dont see why they wont admit liability this time.


Do you have the option to cancel the subscription? It seems like this error is being caused by a system that you can no longer control (it’s old so it’s invisible) - so if you can’t cancel the subscription and they keep billing you - I would recommend asking apple to stop Roblox from being able to charge you.

In regards to customer service not responding to you or assisting you in your claims (this has to do with customers real money and thus should be their top priority over anything else) you should pursue a report to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a third-party organization that is recognized globally for inspecting and tracking business behavior across a multitude of organizations - most notably interactions with consumers. While many of the tickets on the BBB regarding billing issues receive bot-like responses saying that they cannot handle billing matters on the BBB, it seems that this may be a way to re-engage Roblox in conversation if they are infact ignoring you.

The BBB’s website provides an area where you can file a complaint about the business. Roblox will be prompted to respond, and if they do not respond then it is posted publically - any response that you receive you can reject and it will reflect poorly on them - and they may reply again.

While Roblox responds to some of the cases very poorly on this website (it seems their customer care department isn’t just bad via email…) it is certainly worth a shot if they are not responding to you privately.

I am honestly surprised a staff member has not posted here to help you.

I would highly recommend using a credit card to purchase Roblox Premium, because if a problem were to happen then the credit card company will deal with Roblox directly - as the credit card company can charge the money back to them if they refuse.

In addition, if you feel it necessary, you can try @ the Developer Relations team; they may be able to help out.


I offered roblox the option of refunding my £15 iTunes card since it is stated that they support iTunes transactions however this was obviously ignored.

Its not been over 40 days since roblox last responded to my support ticket, they should at least stay in communication and offer plausible solutions since ghosting a customer who has lost £11 due to the company’s error is no acceptable way to handle customer service. Especially since the only thing I actually need premium for is Dev ex