Roblox Premium renewal doesn't work

In this situation, at any given time you can cancel your Premium subscription in the Apple App Store. If you do not cancel it, Roblox will continue to bill you—as customer care has stated in my reply above.

However, to get a refund you need to go to Apple’s official “Apple Refunds” website where you can report a case, get a refund, etc.

Quite simply, Roblox’s product, the Premium 450 subscription is never given to you even after your payment is processed. This leads me to believe that this is a problem on Roblox’s end because Apple fully processes the payment.

Note: Using alternatives like Credit or Debit Cards, Roblox Gift Cards, etc. should all work.


If roblox says they support iTunes, it should work with iTunes, also I got a receipt from apple, on roblox I just got a message saying there were some problems processing and to contact roblox if there were any problems. What it didn’t remember to state is, if there are problems, roblox won’t solve them for you


You need to cancel your subscription and renew it - rolling over to the new system seems to be the reason you are getting stiffed.

If you are unable to cancel your subscription, then you need to tell customer support.

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Tried that, didn’t work. I cancelled my current one since it charged me again during the time I was waiting for a roblox response.

From my knowledge, “all” Builder’s Club subscriptions ended when Roblox transferred over to the Premium subscription system. You were given the rest of your balance for the month(s) or year. From there, you needed to purchase one of the new Premium subscriptions. (Some subscriptions, such as life time subscriptions, ended, yet we’re transferred after the fact to work with the new Premium subscription service.)

The subscription system on iOS has changed from simply just purchasing Builder’s Club membership (like a one time purchase of “asset” that you’re reminded by Roblox to renew each month) to the use of the Apple subscription service (which renews automatically by Apple). This change somehow breaks utilizing Apple credit to purchase Premium membership. Roblox does not register that you’ve purchased membership, whereas, Apple does and the payment is fully processed. Ergo, when you utilize Apple credit to purchase membership you get no membership and are forced to request refund from Apple and/or contact Roblox customer care. this way. However, purchasing Robux still works because it does not use the Apple subscription service. Robux utilizes the system mentioned above where you simply purchase the “asset” as needed.

Therefore, this is illogical:

  1. There’s no need for “rolling over to the new system” as I mentioned in paragraph one.

  2. Roblox and/or Customer Care cannot cancel your subscription! Only Apple can as Apple processes your payment, delivers the payment to Roblox, and so forth.

Just to clear up evident confusion on this topic, I bought by first purchase of the subscription as premium. Nothing here is related to builders club.


Not sure if this issue has been resolved or not yet. If it has been resolved please reply saying so and disregard the following.

However, I would like to note that according to Roblox’s article on payment methods, the following payment methods [should] work:

We can deduct from this information that in-app purchases on the Roblox mobile app should be able to be made using credit from Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon gift cards. Ergo, in theory, you should be able to use said credit obtained from one of these gift cards to make purchases directly in-app.
Yet, this is simply not the case. When trying to purchase a Premium 450 membership (only option on mobile) using credit from an iTunes gift card it does not work.
This issue should preferably be resolved or the information in the article edited to reflect the actuality of in-app purchases in the mobile app.

You can find more information about this topic in the replies above.

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I brought this up with roblox, yet they still said it was a problem on apple’s side, and no it is still not resolved, roblox still owes me money / two months of premium, and are still ghosting my support ticket.


@Sorcus This one seems important and effecting more than 1 person. Can you send to whomever is in charge of renewals?


I’m having this same problem. Missed out on a very good deal for a limited item I’ve always wanted…


I recently had some issues with a scam and had to appeal for a rollback. It took me 3 different tickets to get one. I purchased premium tonight and it loaded on the mobile app but not on the website and didnt give me the robux. So now, once again I need to go through roblox customer support and wait days for anything helpful. Not only is roblox’s support team lacking its also unhelpful 90% of the time.

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This happened to me yesterday, I emailed roblox support and think that it will take a bit for them to respond. When I try to buy premium again it says this. This was purchased on a alternative account with iTunes Credit.

(I haven’t got the robux or premium symbol on my account.)


I understand how everyone here feels, I had the exact same problem in a way. But I was on Android.

I was supposed to be getting premium but I was using it and one day I bought it for the next month, and about 2 hours later I got the receipt but never got the premium.

Unfortunately that tablet got snapped on half, and don’t ask why.


The tax invoice came via email, thought I got it but no. It showed all my other purchases including the premium but didn’t get the premium.


Me too, this happened to me too…

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But you got your robux back?
If not you shall ask for the money/robux back…

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Like, I know you asked,but find in Discord a Roblox Staff that could do that, My friend what happened to him is that he couldn’t buy anymore robux because roblox doesn’t work,
And when this happened to me, I asked my robux back and I got them back.

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The whole point is roblox is refusing to refund my premium, also I don’t need it for the robux, I need it for general development + dev ex hence why its such an issue.

There is also the fact that from a user perspective its a scam, however I don’t really think roblox cares about public image on this issue at this point.

From past experience on other issues this has worked, and I would consider it if it were more immediate an issue for me, however for most people this is not a problem and therefor contacting staff through their personal communications is not an affective solution.

Ive already bought up, these cases are the ones reported by people on the developer forum. Thats only a very small fraction of the total amount of players on roblox, showing the size of the issue should be much greater.

If you are 18+
You could report Roblox for scamming,
But I think you shall go and talk with the person from where you got the iTunes, since the money went to nothing…


As i’ve already discussed,

Apple and roblox are at a standoff, both blaming the other, both refusing to be the bigger man and just own up to it.

Its almost amusing that a multi billion dollar, and a trillion dollar company are disputing over who’s to blame when the total compensation would be at most maybe a few thousands dollars.