Roblox randomly lowers quality of ALL gui labels

Screenshot from a game I was playing:

  1. Run any game on a lower end system,
  2. Wait for any launch attempt that results in a freeze for more than 10 seconds (seems to happen since a Hyperion update, freezes happen on my high end system but only for 5 seconds)
  3. wait for any image to load, even the topbar has this happen

This seems to be related to an issue with a recent Hyperion update I have experienced on all systems. The game freezes and runs in the background for up to 5 seconds on my main PC and ~12 seconds on this laptop

  • 2nd gen Intel CPU
  • Intel HD 3000
  • 8gb DDR3

Expected behavior

Image quality is not impacted at all.


can confirm, happens on mobile,
usually happens at around 10 - 5 fps, image quality is at like 10%, after fps recovers, image quality only recoveres till 50%, not the full 100%.

edit : I don’t think this is related to Hyperion, as I have experienced this issue before that
this needs to be fixed as it make the games visuals not good,
even effects the ingame textures


My guess would be that the system lowers the resolution to take some load of the CPU ( trying to increase fps) as that is where the images are processed

I’ve recently noticed this in Studio playtests where all my TextLabels are very low-res for around a half a second. It’s been happening for no more than 2 weeks now, I think.

This has been affecting me for years. It’s quite annoying. But I think it has something to do with internet connection as well.

Normally this happens on very low end devices like the iPhone 4S so they dont crash
but my laptop isnt a low end device that will self destruct over a 64x64 icon

This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!


This appears to also occur in studio

I had to reinstall windows since i messed up something (i didnt uninstall VxKex before upgrading to 10, broke minecraft launcher)

reinstalling fixed it somehow