Roblox removes extra accessories which can be supported when equipping an outfit in-game

Hi I’m working on a game where people can save and load their outfits but when they want to wear their outfits, some may want to wear several back accessories and several jackets, this feature is not supported for the mobile application, but it is supported on PC.
So the problem is that when you want to wear an outfit that contains several back accessories, Roblox will only keep one, as if you were restricted like on mobile, except that this shouldn’t be the case and it’s really annoying.
For example, I’m a noob with 3 back accessories, 2 pairs of wings and a cape :
I save in a roblox game, and when I want to load my avatar again :

It only keeps one back accessory, it shouldn’t be the case.
Because I can legit wear 3 back accessories because the maximum of accessories is 10 not 1.
Advanced settings for a good reason so we’re allowed to have several back accessories and more than 3 hats. Because it works here :

  • extra bug : We can’t recover our emotes from this.

This restriction needs to be scrubbed from all API, it’s backwards and harmful, not a single person likes it. If it’s enforced at all it should happen on the frontend exclusively until it can be removed entirely.

Resurfacing this for posterity: The current accessory limits are needlessly restrictive, use accessory cost instead