ROBLOX ScreenGui Bug

Edit, to those who may experience this issue:

  • I found out that HTTP service causes this bug somehow. If you encouter this issue aswell, please attempt to disable HTTP-service and see if it helps.

  • Sadly, I only have one other solution; write a script that removes and spawns the screenguis back in after respawning. In the end, I found out that this is Roblox - perhaps due to memory? (don’t take my word for that)

  • I am editing this as of 11.11.22; so this bug may have been resolved, in case it has not, I will leave this post as is.

Hello, I’m currently under frustration over the fact all my ScreenGuis are breaking.

The screenguis have the property ResetOnRespawn set to true.

Playing around in studio works just fine, but when connecting to the actual game place, there are some weird things going on.

“EventReceiver” is a localscript that manages tweening doors open and so on to speak, and this is one of the localscripts that will not work after dying in the game (when respawning), yet in studio, this is just fine!

This is the output from the console involving this issue:

A skeptic code that could involve this issue:

-- Localscript, "EventReciever"
[[line 38]] local RAnimation = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script:WaitForChild("R"))

This line of code returns this in the console:

As I believe this is a ROBLOX-bug, there isn’t much I can do about it so I pursue to use a temporary code to fix it. If you may have a clue to what this is, please let me know!


Do you have a plugin that you used to setup your screengui? This would be my first suspicion.

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Yes, I use this:

But all it does is set scaling, etc. - doesn’t delete or touch the screengui itself, aside from scales

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I’ve found out this is an engine bug, and only roblox can fix it, if you ever get this aswell, here’s hopefully something that might help:

I remember there being a post about someone getting this error, and apparently the solution was to wait a little before calling :LoadAnimation. You could also try using Humanoid.Animator since Humanoid:LoadAnimation is deprecated and no longer supported (i.e. won’t get fixed if it breaks).