Roblox servers that cannot be joined

This is a follow up post to this one as I was told to create a new topic.

Quick overview of the issue:
seemingly at random a Roblox server will be made that cannot be joined, whether this happens when the server is created or all players leave the server is unclear. The server will appear on the serverlist as having 0 players in it. Players in my game have reported getting this error on join:

I have not been able to repo this issue.


I don’t know much about this, but is roblox at it’s latest version?

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As the issue looks to still be occurring, we’ve filed a new ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you. Thanks!


Hey @Tom_atoes, could you give the link to the game, will look into.

Is this issue consistently reproducible? and if so, can you please give the steps to reproduce the issue.


Here is the link to the game, Limited Simulator 2 - Roblox

I have been trying to reproduce since my original report but I haven’t had any success.


I have been able to reproduce this in Da Hood. Most servers appear with this error.

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Usually for me, using extensions like BTRoblox and/or Roblox+ which allow you to get very small servers, you’ll encounter a lot with 0 players, if you do that in Jailbreak for example, you’ll get a new server.

That was my personal experience. For other people / games it might work differently.

We are experiencing this issue in our game Splash. We have servers that have 0 players that cannot be joined but Roblox is still sending players to it.

The server with 0 players looks like this:

If we shut it down, the problem goes away for a while. Eventually users will start reporting it again and we’ll find the server with 0 players that needs to be shutdown.

This seems to be correlated to us having a Lobby Place that has really short lived sessions (10 - 20 seconds).

The error for our users is the same as OP:

Its happening with more than just one game. I’ve been having this same problem for a while now too.

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Omg yes I hate this. This happens to me CONSTANTLY saying ‘cannot join without authentic user.’ (This is EXTEMELY annoying because sometimes it can take me computer almost 20 minutes just to open Roblox player, and it’s SUPER frustrating after waiting to load, getting kicked like this.) Thankfully, it hasn’t been happening as much lately, but still happens quite a bit.

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This issue has occurred again today 11/11/2021 for me and has killed my game’s player count as there is a single server with 0 players that won’t get auto-removed.

As a result, there is a single empty server that Roblox tries to connect every new player to meaning nobody can get in which kills the player count down to 0 permanently until I manually shut that server down. It’s very hard to reproduce and I’m not sure what causes it.!/about

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