Roblox Services Are Back Online

If you purchased something while the servers were going down, you should talk to the Adopt Me Team about that

Which ever works best for you

That’s really good thing, as someone that owns multiple clothing related games this weekend were something I really missed. I also ran ads during this outage so I hope I’ll see the refund soon back on my account.

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This might have already been said by a ton of people but, THANK YOU ROBLOX ENGINEERS! Thank you for putting your time in this weekend to fix Roblox so players could access it. We appreciate your help and effort.


Thats sound good Thanks Roblox. :heart:
Thanks to all the engineers that worked to resolve this issue. :heart:


Thank you so much to the Roblox team.

I truly do not understand how much pressure, stress you guys must have been in! As Halloween was just days off and Roblox being and ever growing platform.

Its great ( and reliving ) that all our data saved, Thank you once again

And you guys helping developers in any way over the last 3 days.

Thank you once again and well done for getting everything running smoothly again!


As a developer and large group owner the days that Roblox had been out, severely lowered my group funds by 120,000. Does this mean that we will be getting a compensation for the outage? Since there were no players to buy my clothing in that time span.


Also, you could try pressing Control + F5 in your browser, I didn’t have to clear DNS cache.

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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the Avatar Shop filters (such as “Recently Updated” or searching for a specific item) are not working. Is this a bug from after the outage that is being worked on?


Thank you very much to all the Roblox engineers for working hard to fix this problem, we really appreciate that.

We are also actively exploring ways to offer assistance for earning developers who may have lost revenue during the outage

What does that mean?

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I’m glad Roblox is online again. I had exams yesterday so I was too busy to log in when the outage was fixed. I really do hope there’s some form of compensation as I spent some of my study time working on my game :grimacing: lol. It was frustrating that it kind of went to waste. Besides that, I really appreciate the effort those working at Roblox went to in finding a fix for the issue. If anything, I would just hope for better communication next time.


They’re looking for ways to compensate developers that lost revenue. An example of this would be if a clothing store wasn’t able to generate their usual amount of Robux income because of this.

Hello, thank you for your answer, it clarifies my ideas! It concerns me directly so I will try to keep up to date. Is this also for game developers who have lost their income?

Yeah me too, I spent 40 hours on a Halloween update instead on studying and because of Roblox being down I couldn’t publish the update in time…

In the post is stated that all running ads will be refunded, but what actually about Sponsored Experience Ads?

Also, thanks to the Roblox Team for fixing the problem!

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Thanks so much for resolving this so fast! Much appreciated!

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Any chance Roblox will reconsider their stance on offline support now?

It’s not good that a mistake that’s out of our control will take away the ability of developers to work
when Roblox Studio never really depended on the internet - at least for most of it’s existence. (And as far as I know it’s still an arbitrary thing.)
You don’t NEED developers to login to use Studio, that’s just a policy decision.


Since you guys are refunding users who spent robux on ads during the outage, do you plan on extending premium for a short period? Since roblox was completely unusable for 2 days, it would make sense for premium to be extended as compensation.

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I don’t think that premium will be extended. Billing wise it would be a whole new mess that no one wants to get in to.

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We have published a post-mortem with more details on what occurred during the platform outage.

As with any large-scale service, we may experience interruptions from time to time, but the extended length of this outage makes it particularly noteworthy. We hope that sharing these technical details will give you an understanding of the root cause, how we addressed it, and what we are doing to prevent this from happening in the future.