Roblox should let players set custom controls

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to set custom controls for every button you press. There should be a way to change key-binds, an example would be having the ability to change the key-bind of backpack (`) to a different key (ctrl+b).

Perhaps you could add a little button to the side of each control that says “edit”, and lets you set your own key-bind.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I will be able to use keys easier and be more comfortable in-game. This will also allow for an easier experience on playing, as some people may prefer using left click to move your screen instead of right clicking.


I’d be curious to see how this would be implemented with UserInputService (or CAS), so devs could respect player’s settings (custom tool should still use the “Use tool” setting still). If this was implemented as-is, or if it simply redefined the keys (e.g. right click fires the left click event now), I think it’d be disruptive to most games. On the other hand, if something was added to UserInputService that lets devs decide to handle user preferences where it makes sense, I think that’d be a more flexible/beneficial solution for everyone involved.

Roblox would have to be careful with either method, though. It’d be jarring to change your chat button to “T” only to find games with forked or custom chats won’t respect that, but it’d also be weird to press “T” and have it type a “/”.


Support! Having custom controls is something that most games on the internet or on consoles allow users to customize to benefit them, would benefit me on Roblox.

Anywho, this type of idea is something that I’ve waited or hope it came to Roblox for 4-6 years already as having controls set to default by the client/engine itself isn’t the best for many users on devices. I would personally like to change how I have my controls set instead of the engine setting it up for every single user, not a good way when in certain games such as FPS or simulators.

^ An issue that I might see if users making all of their keys into one letter like “A” which wouldn’t be the prettiest thing to appear, might just have one keybind ~ control in a certain situation, but I guess this is something Roblox would fix and add.

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