Roblox should run on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch looks like a great platform for ROBLOX to be on. ROBLOX runs well on mobile, it’d be pretty good on Switch.


Well, considering it is basically a NVIDIA Shield K1 tablet (which I own) with integrate controls and the next gen X1 chipset, with Roblox mobile already working with controls, it is possible. However, if this becomes a supported platform, we will need some type of API to get more info about the platform as well as interacting with the Joy Con controllers.


On a side note, do you think we’d get a copyright sweep from Nintendo and affiliated companies once they start working with Roblox? would be surprised if they’re not already aware of Roblox, but I think it might be likely that they will demand to remove certain content or at least have it not playable on the Switch.


I would buy a Switch in a heartbeat if this were the case. And, as @buildthomas has said, there will be C&D’s or at least copyright strikes against games that use brands or content affiliated with Nintendo(Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, etc).


I’m down for it but lol death to all copyright games on Roblox :joy:


Hey, it’s a good way to get exposure. A console with a handful of available games right now. Especially if it’s free. No double there will be thousands of people installing it.


In the switch’s infancy it’s interesting to see the potential problems developing on a new platform which may occur.


I’ve heard it’s been a rough launch, but I personally haven’t run into any problems or know anyone who has.

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And how does this relate to the topic?


Could have been the wrong Nintendo Switch thread.

Yes please.

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Roblox Nintendo Switch 2019?

Early 2020 release? :heart: Can we please?


I would buy a nintendo switch just to play and make roblox for it


Can confirm. I’ve bought a switch. Just waiting for Roblox to release.


It looks like Roblox planned on releasing on lots of different platforms. It’s a real shame that Xbox is still the only supported console. It’d be awesome to be able to play Roblox on Switch Enum.Platform.NX, or Stadia Enum.Platform.Chromecast!

Roblox only runs on, what, 6 of these platforms? It’s frustrating that they’re there and that they’ve been seriously considered to the point that they actually have their own EnumItems, but nothing has even been mentioned about the other platforms.


Uhh… hate to disappoint, but this Enum is mostly a joke. :stuck_out_tongue: They were probably only seriously considering one of these at the time (PS4?), and they added the rest to dilute attention from the ones they were actually looking at / make it seem like a joke (since API is public).


But the Nintendo Switch is necessary. Me and several million other people could come up with an infinite number of reasons why it should be supported.

The main reason though is because it’s just super “Kewl”. And Roblox needs it to remain super “Kewl” due to my and a million other people’s awesome opinion that should really be taken in consideration as if we were stockholders. Even though we aren’t.

P.S most of this response was a joke. The part about Roblox being on the Nintendo Switch isn’t tho… it should really happen.

Do you think it’s likely?


It does seem like the Wii U was seriously considered, though. They even went to the efforts of implementing control information on the help UI for Wii U. I’m guessing this was abandoned because of lack of interest in general for the Wii U, or because of the Switch, but obviously the Wii U is now dead, so maybe Roblox should look into the Switch and seriously consider releasing a client for it.

Plus the Switch is really kewl, so pls make it roblox pls. I will be ur frend forever.


I’m not against this feature request at all (I own a Switch and it would be great) – just wanted to say that the enum shouldn’t be taken seriously.


Exactly, my switch would become 2000% percent more useful if Roblox was released on it. :smiley: