ROBLOX Site is Down (MAJOR)

Reproduction Steps

  • Go on the ROBLOX site.
  • Attempt to load any ROBLOX page.

Expected Behavior
Roblox to work properly. Pages to function properly.

Actual Behavior
Every page on ROBLOX isn’t loading and ends in a page saying: “The service is unavailable.”

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often


After a couple tries I was able to access the site, as for the games I’m not sure.

thanks for the reports folks - we’re aware of the issue and are looking into it!
apologies for the disruption


Issues like that are known by Roblox in a few minutes. I’m not sure its needed to make a bug report for the site going down.


You can keep track of the downtime here:
There is currently an active issue reported.

Please, give the ROBLOX maintence team a chance to resolve the issue, you should moniter for updates.

Studio should work just fine since it only runs on your system, but other features like the toolbox and publishing will not work at all.


This is a platform-wide issue. Publishing will not work and ROBLOX’s authentication services are down (which is why you are receiving the error messages)
Track the issue on

Haven’t tried publishing amidst the problem but I guess since roblox site is down, logging in is broken too.

A reminder to not make “Me too” posts

We know Roblox is down, we know it isn’t working, nobody cares that you have the exact same problem as literally everyone else.

"Me too!” replies are not acceptable.

If you have additional information to add to the discussion, then it is ok.
Additionally, when Roblox comes back up, we do not need any posts/replies stating it. Everyone will know Roblox is up when it comes back up.

If you see a “Me too” post, alert the moderators by flagging it as spam. This will allow them to correctly take action.

To keep up to date on if Roblox is up or not, refer to as an official source.


Same thing happened to me. For me, the problem is now fixed. It’s quite weird that Roblox is down quite frequently now than it used to.

Yep roblox is down Ookla’s downdetector says they are as well as Roblox’s status website. Not working for me in Canada

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Studio also won’t load published places

This is stupid for a multi billion dollar company which is supposed to have top notch security and web-design. Hope this gets fixed fast.

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This problem is fixed now, the team is now identifying the root of the problem, reload your pages or create a new tab. It should work.


They may be doing maintenance or something

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Mesh I reloaded the page / made a new tab and it is still not fixed.

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Nevermind, tis working now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange still not working for me maybe teh Canadian servers are down or smth. Roblox’s status website still shows a service disruption


Reload your page, if it still doesn’t work, go play valorant or study or something for 20 minutes.


Seems resolved now, going to lock this, file a new bug report for new issues