Roblox Studio Crashes on Save File Dialog

Describe the bug. Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur.

I get the “An unexpected error has occured and Roblox Studio needs to quit” dialog, then Roblox Studio quits when I press Ok, whenever I go to file - open to open a saved game or try to save a new baseplate game. I’m guessing this is only happening for me or a very small amount of users.

How often does the bug happen (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)? What are the steps that reproduce the bug? Please list them in very high detail. Provide simple example places that exhibit the bug and provide description of what you believe should be the behavior.

It happens every time the Save As dialog box appears.

When did the bug start happening? If we can tie it to a specific release that helps us figure out what we broke.

This bug started happening at RDC, so the version of Roblox Studio released during RDC and the Game Jam. Thankfully it started as my team was finishing the game and not at the beginning of the game jam! I thought it was an issue with the internet, but it’s been several weeks and the bug still exists throughout several Roblox Studio updates and on faster connections.

Anything else that you would want to know about the bug if it were your job to find and fix it.

What causes this bug exactly, I would guess it’s a client sided bug.


I am not completely sure if it is the same bug or not, but while making Roblox Studio work on Linux I came across a similar bug. Studio would crash when some recently used files registry keys were pointing to locations that no longer existed.
You should be able to save the contents of that pastebin as a .reg file and apply those changes to your registry. If it really is the same bug, that should fix your studio crashes.

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I would guess that you are using a DELL computer :slight_smile: If that’s the case, there is a known bug on one of DELL’s preinstalled software that can cause any other QT based software to crash this way. We have done some work to detect the situation in Roblox Studio and warn users, but it may not be working for all versions of the DELL software. If it is still happening to you, we would love to get some information from you and try to solve the problem for you as well as for others who are suffering from the same issue.


Hi, thank you. I resolved the issue. I’m also very interested in getting Roblox and Roblox Studio to work on Linux if there’s a way to get modern Roblox to work on Linux that would be great! Currently with wine Roblox Studio and Roblox Player stop after the upgrading roblox part for me. Is there any way around this, thanks!

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