Roblox Studio Cursor Stuck on Clicking Icon

Hello, I logged onto studio this morning and noticed that my cursor is always stuck on the clicking icon. I cant find any other posts related to this issue and was wondering if it was apart of a new studio update or if it may be something with my computer. I attempted to reinstall studio and the problem still persists.

Attached below is a picture of my cursor (couldn’t take a screenshot since my software removes my cursor from the screenshot)

Even when i’m not hovering over a part in the studio I’m still seeing the cursor show it’s trying to click something. I know its a small problem but it’s quite annoying and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem recently?


I’m having the same issue. There was another post ~2 weeks ago detailing the same issue, under which roblox staff replied a few days later that they had fixed the issue, but evidently it has re-emerged. Someone in that thread posted a workaround but all it achieves is reversing the issue (i.e. showing only the pointer and never transitioning to any of the alternate cursor types).


Exactly the same problem here, yesterday updated the client and it went wrong.
The drag/select icon EXISTS in files but doesn’t appear in the client.


It was fixed for me until the update, probably a regression of this issue fixed a couple of weeks ago:


I’ve checked the post made by chris in this topic and it isn’t the solution

You do get the standard cursor but it still isn’t the correct one.
For example he shown scaling with the method and it does not have the correct cursors (picture no. 1 shows his cursor, picture no. 2 shows the correct cursor.)

Just in-case if anyone wondering if that fixes it
Incorrect cursor of scaling models

Correct cursor of scaling models

I didn’t say that’s the solution, that’s just a workaround - butterthebig (not @-ing) later popped in to say the issue’s been resolved properly, but it looks to me that the fix was undone in the recent update. The workaround shouldn’t be necessary.


Neither did I

I’ve checked the post made by chris in this topic and it isn’t the solution […] Just in-case if anyone wondering if that fixes it

It has been resolved maybe at that time but it isn’t now, so it needs to be brought up.

Hello, I made a formal bug report showcasing this bug as myself and others seem to be experiencing it as well:


I am back with the solution to this bug - Please update your Roblox Studio.
It is fixed for me and the cursor is now correctly set to specific action. :happy1:

This is still happening for me and im pissed since i cant do any work. i cant do anything in the viewport, even scroll! i can only move around with WASD. I tried reverting the update with mod manager, reinstalling, turning off all beta features, changing the icon, nothing works!